“Play” smart watch for the musically minded.

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: The watch is a Touch screen LCD/LED hybrid. It uses a dot matrix composed of Triangles instead of squares. I made this design very music friendly, when a track from your playlist comes up, you can swipe right for next, left for previous. The outer ring is not dissimilar to Rogue Touch and On Air, so the functionality will be familiar to Tokyoflash fans.

The time is displayed cryptically, yet simply, with hour numbers raised and minute numbers lowered.

Dimensions for the watch are 39 x 43 x 12mm

6 thoughts on ““Play” smart watch for the musically minded.

  1. Very nice Cory!, nice to see you represented on the blog again! It seems like it’s been a while. At first glance I nearly dismissed this design because the display feels a little jumbled and busy but when I watched the animation (and I recommend everyone does) it all makes much more sense. I like the fluidity of the display and it’s functions and animated features. It feels initiative too which is important in a smart watch IMHO. Nice work sir, 5/Y and best of luck! πŸ˜€


  2. Hi Cory, it’s nice to see you on the blog.
    I’m not a fan of watches with multiple functions, but it is only my opinion.
    For the important work you have done, it deserves 5 ​​stars and Yes.
    For the cat on the piano listening to Chopin, I put on a more important note, superb!


  3. 5*YES I think a dense LCD display is the solution for a tokyoflashy smartwatch. I like how you use these triangular pixels, playing with the angles, creating hexagons. The icons are all nice and easy to read. The numbers are really cool. The touch display and the wiping actions are practical. I like that you activated all pixels and show the information with inactivated pixels. The triangle grid is visible and that gives the display a nice overall appearance. Good luck for this idea Cory. Nice to see you back on the blog πŸ™‚


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