Put your hands together for the Slideruler watch

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

This is an updated take on an old submission of mine: Sliderule (hence the name; like sliderule, only more so). It’s been rattling about in my brain for ages, and I just recently found the energy to finish it.

One of the things some commenters of the earlier design wanted was a seconds hand. It took some sketching but I managed to find a way of putting two sliding hands on top of each other without them getting in each others way. Time is told pretty much exactly as before; the important thing is to look at the pins which the hands are attached to; they denote hours, minutes and seconds


To add the maximum of movement I made the outer pin the hours, and the inner pin the minutes. The seconds have to be in the middle to make both hands move continously, as you can see in the animation (which is in real time, not time-lapse).

Another thing people asked for was hour markers, which I’ve added to the steampunk version in the form of a stepped colouring in the glass. I didn’t add the stepping to the other version simply because I didn’t remember.


Styling is both sleekly futuristic or steampunk inspired. I went for a rounded pentagonal shape for the case, simply because I found it interesting and because I hadn’t used it before. The futuristic version sports blue chrome and white acetate while the steampunk is resplendent in radial-brushed copper and steel. Of course, the display design could easily be made to fit any round watch body if required, and it would work in pretty much any material.


As you can see from the images I’ve imagined it both as a wristwatch and a pocketwatch. Unfortunately I made the mistake of only adding buttons to the side; there really should be a round knob for setting the time as it is an analog movement.

I would hope that the design would appeal to both women and men; the ladies might like to wear the pocketwatch version as a necklace, which should make it a real conversation piece as it’s always in motion and not obviously a watch. Gentlemen on the other hand might prefer to have it on a classic fob, or with a chunky strap. Either way should work fine.

slideruler_punk_2 slideruler_punk_3 slideruler_strap_1 slideruler_strap_2

9 thoughts on “Put your hands together for the Slideruler watch

  1. Great design, Anders! I really like the technical look with all the levers and scales. I prefer the blue one. I’m still not sure how exactly to tell time, but anyway, this watch is really cool!


    • Thanks Galen, glad you like it! =)
      I probably should have included a diagram explaining the time telling… It’s not complicated once you know where to look.

      Taking the middle image of the copper version (05:11:48) as an example, you’ll notice that the fixed end of the longest hand (denoting the hour) points at the 5 position, and the sliding fixing of the shorter hand (denoting the minutes) points slightly to the right of the 2 position. Meanwhile, the fixed end of the shorter hand (which is also the sliding fixing of the longer hand) points to just before the 10 position. Anyway, I hope that helps…=)


  2. Beautiful looking design Anders with just enough of a technical feel. The time telling seems very straightforward with the slide-rulers adding an air of cryptic-ness. I also like the detail on the discs behind the rulers, the devil resides here 🙂 I hope this is within TFs abilities and ambitions! Best of luck sir (5 and Yes for old times sake) 🙂


    • Thanks for the support Pete, really glad you like it! =)
      Speaking of the disc detail, the thought did occur to me that you could make another design by removing the hands and just having those notched scales tell the time (for example, having the imagined hand at the clockwise end of the largest notch)… I may have to throw that together actually…=)


  3. this is a really nicely executed work, bravo. Am i the only one who thinks tf has jumped the shark, i mean they change the whole look of the blog, which i thought was great ,and they haven’t developed a new idea since i don’t know when. They didn’t even comment on this very cool watch. Toky if you are listening, i think its time to release something fresh and original before you disappear


    • Thanks for the comment and support Gordon!

      I know what you mean, it feels very quiet, doesn’t it? Part of it might be that there are fewer submissions coming in.
      What I miss though are the comments from TF on the blog, which gave a hands-on feel… Although, we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes so to speak. Maybe they’re terribly busy making something completely awesome. I know my fingers are crossed.


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