Great minds think alike.

Quite often in life people have similar ideas & inspirations.

There are some famous cases where several inventors came up with the same discovery – For example: the invention of the telephone is sometimes disputed – Manzetti, Bell & Edison all worked on the idea.

A few times on this blog people have had similar ideas too. Sometimes it has been hotly debated. But the fact is, mostly it’s simply a coincidence.

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Soroban Card

Train your mind with this digital Japanese soroban; a solar powered calculator and time piece within one sleek credit card sized case.

Made of wood with a touch sensitive panel, there are two modes; calculator mode – use the touch screen like a soroban – this classic style of calculation will develop your mind and improve your calculation skills! 1-4 units in each column of the bottom section, +5 units in each column of the top section. The beads will automatically show the time in the same manner when you switch to time mode. Continue reading