Communication Band

A concept bluetooth band that can be worn comfortably around your neck. Pair with your cell phone, mp3 player or computer so that you can answer calls or listen to music instantly, hands free and wirelessly without having to carry your devices on you.

To take a call simply put the band onto your head and you’ll be able to listen through the speaker and use the integrated mic to talk. To listen to music you can plug in your own earphones and wear the band around your neck. The time is displayed on one side of the band with hours and minutes in the same position as numbers on a clock. Continue reading

Communication Cube

A cubic bluetooth design with three functions. Wireless connectivity to your mp3 player or mobile phone so that you can take hands free calls or listen to music while you’re driving, walking or cycling. It also has the added benefit of USB memory so that information can be stored. It’s also a time piece.

Ideal for wearing around your neck or on your key ring or keychain, it can be charged directly via UBS on your computer. The grid shape displays the time in one block and has the control keys in another. The time is displayed in a simple square formation; hours, groups of five minutes and single minutes 1-4 in a block.

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Speak Smart

A wireless Bluetooth receiver that can be worn around your neck on a chain. When you receive a call, message or email notification, it vibrates in a different way. Use like an earphone to take hands free calls or listen to music from your mp3 player while you’re driving, walking or cycling.

The LED interface displays a unique animation through the sleek ceramic case when a call or notification is received and the case is connected to a chain for simple, comfortable and convenient communication. The device also has a time speaker that tells you the time through the earpiece at the touch of a button. Continue reading

Communication Illusion

Listen to music or answer calls hands free and in complete comfort with this Bluetooth belt. Simply pair to your cell phone or mp3 player, add earphones (with mic) and you’ll be set up for instant entertainment and convenient communication.

Operation buttons for music and call control and the earphone jack are positioned on the top of the buckle for easy access. The LED interface is color changeable so that you select a color that suits you. The time display is easy to read; digits are shown with black circles in negative space — but to anyone looking — it will simply look like a cool pop pattern. A fashionable look with unique functionality. Continue reading

Call Time

You can wear this concept Bluetooth accessory on your ear or clip it to your shirt. Answer calls and receive message and email notifications by vibration without the need to carry your cell phone. Ideal for hands free calls while driving, walking or working at your computer.

Made of aluminum for a comfortable lightweight feel and with the added touch of a unique LED time telling interface beneath the smoked black lens; hours are shown in digits, groups of 5 minutes by dots in the same positions as numbers on a clock, single minutes 1-4 by small indicators in the top left of the screen. It’s easy to see the approximate time quickly. Continue reading

Future Natural

You can choose the skin on this wireless bluetooth receiver to suit your own style. The three pictured below are light wood, dark wood and mirror, all of which are semi-transparent so that the LED lights shine from beneath to display the time.

With an integrated speaker and microphone, you can pair it with your bluetooth cell phone and plug in earphones to answer calls hands free or receive email or message notifications instantly. Never miss a call or message again.

Also great for pairing with your computer so that you can answer Skype calls while walking around the office or home. Continue reading

Clear Thinker

More like a fashion accessory or piece of jewelry, this stylish bluetooth receiver would be ideal for wearing as a necklace.

Connect earphones and pair with your cell phone so that you can answer calls hands free with ease or pair it with your computer or mp3 player to listen to music.

A vibration function would let you know instantly when you have a call. The time can be read by simply adding the LCD digits in each column; hours, groups of 10 minutes and single minutes, left to right. The case would be made of transparent acrylic and operation keys would be located at the sides. Continue reading

Priceless Time

Pair this Bluetooth receiver with your cell phone so that you can answer calls and receive email or message notifications instantly without the need to carry your cell phone in your pocket.

Styled like a fashion accessory and made of metal with an acrylic screen, this concept can easily be clipped to your shirt, jacket pocket or tie so that it’s comfortable to wear and easily accessible.

Reminiscent of a barcode, the time is displayed with lines in LCD and backlit with blue LEDs. Continue reading


This concept is a wireless bluetooth receiver that can be worn as a necklace or attached to your keychain or key ring.

Connect earphones and pair it with your cell phone to answer calls hands free and wirelessly or connect to your bluetooth mp3 player to listen to music.

The IP black stainless steel case has openings on three sides where the earphone jack, USB port, volume and setting keys are located. The front of the device displays the time with blue LEDs and the back has track and operation keys. Continue reading