This concept is a wireless bluetooth receiver that can be worn as a necklace or attached to your keychain or key ring.

Connect earphones and pair it with your cell phone to answer calls hands free and wirelessly or connect to your bluetooth mp3 player to listen to music.

The IP black stainless steel case has openings on three sides where the earphone jack, USB port, volume and setting keys are located. The front of the device displays the time with blue LEDs and the back has track and operation keys.

5 thoughts on “Tri-Time

  1. Love the sleek design and color combination; black with blue LEDs. Would be really useful for answering calls hands free while doing something else or listening to music without having to hold your iPod.


  2. I don’t know if I would buy this (I don’t make much use of bluetooth devices on a regular basis), but I really like the way it looks. The style is sleek and simple, the button layout is nice, and I think the choice of LED colour works well.

    If I had to suggest any enhancements, I would replace the blue LEDs with multi-colour LEDs (like the ones in the Tokyoflash Negative) so that the user could personalize the device to match their mood/outfit/whatever.


  3. I love the design 🙂
    I would put a basic beeper into it which people could activate via the bluetooth. Then if your like me and misplace your keys often you could just beep them to find where they are!


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