Dual Screen

A stainless steel design with a split interface that displays the time with LCD but has an LED backlight so that the time can always be read but can be illuminated with LEDs.

Hours are shown by dots and increments of five minutes are shown with circles in the lower screen. These correspond to the position of numbers on a clock face. Four single minutes are displayed in the upper screen.

The groove around the edge of the case is a nice touch and the buttons on the side of the case achieve a fit with shapes from the display and lower screen.

4 thoughts on “Dual Screen

  1. I love the circular images on the display and the way the lenses of the two screens are slightly raised out of the case.


  2. If i read this right (and not sure if i am), the time on the photo is 5:37?? for me, having the time indicated by the absence of the indicator could be a bit confusing at first, but that just adds to the watch character. i like that the LCD is visable even when the LED’s are off. The side button is a bit too prominent. make this available in bright stainless or satin nickle finish with user selectable LED backlight color, and i’ll clear a spot for it in my watch case.


  3. I like the idea of the circles and dots. However I am not so keen on the colours (blue and black). This makes it a bit dreary. Looking at the case and strap on several occasions now I can’t help feeling that they look like some cheap plastic (I know this one is metal) digital watch of the 80s (and you can still buy these now) – no disrespect intended. The split face is fine, but I do seriously think the strap and case need something to elevate them into a more unique and exciting appearance.


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