Levels watch presents a vertical gauge of time

Design submitted by Austin from the USA.

Austin says: The hours are displayed on the left of the face, while the minutes are given on the right. The hands work from bottom to top, then start over again. The seconds are given by the top hand, and the lower hand shows the day of the week. So in the picture, the time is 07:45:40 on a Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Levels watch presents a vertical gauge of time

  1. I like the idea to use scales. (a bit unsure about the height being to much/~70mm) I’m used to see the second sub-dial at the bottom (6 o’clock), so it’s kinda strange even if it’s not a problem.

    Full bars under the lenses, instead of triangles, would be nice too.


  2. Like minaki says, the size should be kept to a reasonable proportion. I like the scale look which has a technical feel. This type of thing works well with mechanical watches, if it was a digital design it would be nice to have a choice of scale style or hand style. Maybe colour gauges etc


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