Communication Illusion

Listen to music or answer calls hands free and in complete comfort with this Bluetooth belt. Simply pair to your cell phone or mp3 player, add earphones (with mic) and you’ll be set up for instant entertainment and convenient communication.

Operation buttons for music and call control and the earphone jack are positioned on the top of the buckle for easy access. The LED interface is color changeable so that you select a color that suits you. The time display is easy to read; digits are shown with black circles in negative space — but to anyone looking — it will simply look like a cool pop pattern. A fashionable look with unique functionality.

5 thoughts on “Communication Illusion

  1. Hey this is a very fun design. Makes sense too, as we carry beepers and cell phones on our belts, having a bluetooth device incorporated into a belt seems like the next thing. The display would be a lot of fun for the younger crowd as well. Really different and fun.


  2. Very interesting indeed. It seems a sensible and convenient idea to connect earphones to your bluetooth belt – it will save you carrying your phone in your pocket and you can answer calls fast. Also think the time concept is great as it doesn’t initially look like the time – would be great for clubbing.


  3. It’s a cool idea, but not very practical. It would be difficult to read the time unless you use your hand to twist the buckle to face slightly upward… or you bend over forward to look at the face of the buckle watch, in which case it’ll look like you’re “checking yourself”. Also, slightly overweight people would have difficulty viewing the watch face.

    However, the idea of the cool art-deco colour face and dots for time is very interesting and would make for a very interesting wristband watch.


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