Call Time

You can wear this concept Bluetooth accessory on your ear or clip it to your shirt. Answer calls and receive message and email notifications by vibration without the need to carry your cell phone. Ideal for hands free calls while driving, walking or working at your computer.

Made of aluminum for a comfortable lightweight feel and with the added touch of a unique LED time telling interface beneath the smoked black lens; hours are shown in digits, groups of 5 minutes by dots in the same positions as numbers on a clock, single minutes 1-4 by small indicators in the top left of the screen. It’s easy to see the approximate time quickly.

12 thoughts on “Call Time

  1. Thanks very much for the input. Can anyone tell us more about what they like or dislike about it?


  2. Instead of showing the time only. why not have the time tell in a voice over to the person (options available for only the person can hear mode or the person and his surrounding people can hear mode) upon asking for time?

    I don’t think I will enjoy taking it off my ear just to look at the time while I am driving.

    Of course the led for the time should stay to make it unique and Tokyoflash-style.


    • Hey Dorraj Oet, thanks for your feedback, nice idea. How do you feel about wearing it as an accessory e.g. clipping it to your shirt?


      • Well, since this design is very much like our usual bluetooth earpiece, I will not wear it on my shirt.

        1) It will look like a heart problem monitor device which will not look cool.
        2) Wearing on the ear looks more like you are a secret agent which will make you look cooler. 🙂


  3. Because I wear glasses I wouldn’t buy this since I’ve never had a clip-on-ear device that was actually comfortable and sat properly due to the glass’ frame.

    But it does look nice.


    • That’s a good point yes. It would have to be comfortable for those who wear glasses. Thanks for the feedback.


  4. I like this concept Bluetooth device very much and would like to know if you are really working on this concept.


    • Hi digitalgeek, selected concepts will be developed yes. At the moment, we are looking for more feedback on this design as it was only posted 6 days ago. Please let us know more about why you like it.


  5. I like the style of the face and how it tells time but have a problem seeing the overall attraction of this device as a bluetooth headset. It seems to me that it would be fairly useless to have a headset that tells the time on the outside. I do understand your idea to wear it in the shirt but perhaps it would be better as a watch with bluetooth vibrations for notifications.

    For me personally I would not wear it as an accessory, not just for the look but also because I tend not to wear clothes that would support it. I would think that worn on a standard shirt pocket it’s weight would cause the pocket to flop down and the face would aim towards the ground. I would also not enjoy the feel of it pulling my shirt down on one side, as light as it may be. Even if it was worn on a shirt pocket I would be wary of it’s ability to stay on while walking, boarding a train/bus, removing a jacket/scarf. It could be worn on a tie I suppose. Truly though, the look of it being worn on my shirt is not what I would be aiming for.

    I would buy a watch that looked like this however.
    I like the shape of the face, the colors used and the way the time is represented. Perhaps there is a way to represent the date/day without sacrificing any of the other aspects.

    I like the idea of showing single minutes as a numerical display (I have assumed that it would count all the way to 60) but it would make the 5 minute groups redundant. If these were removed, i’m sure there would be room to show the day across the bottom, perhaps with indicators or simply in letters. If that is not satisfactory, it could be placed on the other side of the CALL indicator with a three letter format used (THU, MON, SAT, etc). This would also work to even out the display so it is not feature heavy on the top left.
    Some sort of system could be used in place of the 5 minute indicators to show the date, however for me the date is less important than the day (surprisingly enough) and I am struggling to come up with a suggestion.

    My summary is thus: take away the outer lines simulating an analog watch, remove the 5 minute indicator dots, add a day indicator to the right of the CALL space, keep the colours used for indication here and use a simple band reflecting the clean (and slightly retro) design of the face.

    As a post script I wonder if it would be possible to have some kind of mechanism that would show the number/contact name of the caller until the call is answered. It could be a good way to filter the caller before having to pull the phone from your pocket. I realise that this would most likely be unnecessary since as soon as I feel the vibrations from my wrist I would delve in my pockets for my phone.
    Just a thought.

    Besides all that I really enjoy this site and appreciate your use of the public forum as a method of designing prototypes.


    • Hi Dante, thank you for your detailed feedback on this design. You made some really useful points that we are thinking about carefully. Please keep it up.


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