Time Rotates

Like split layers of a clock face, this concept shows hours and groups of five minutes in two separate dials. Hours on the left and groups of five minutes on the right; great for reading the approximate time at a glance. Four single minutes are indicated by the circles inside the dials and the shapes above where the dials meet.

The long button on the right is to light up the display and the port on the left is for USB charging. The case shape and strap design maintain a simple appearance.

5 thoughts on “Time Rotates

  1. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t love this design. It seems too simple for Tokyoflash. Besides, the split time design was already used for “Off The Radar.” Could you maybe experiment with a more “figure eight” design, instead of two circles? Hours could displayed by 12 spaces, evenly spaced starting at where 9 hours is now, going up, down through the 3 hours/45 min mark, through the 30 min mark, and up to the 20 min mark. 5 minute marks would be evenly displayed starting at 15 minutes, going up, down through 3 hours/45 min mark, through the 6 hour space, and ending at 8 hours. The spot right in the middle could be changed to an AM/PM indicator light. Does that make sense?

    Besides that, I love how many links the band has. You might want to work on the proportions between the watch itself and the band, but other than that its great.


    • Thanks for the feedback FuzzyGoodle, keep it coming. Will have a think about your time telling idea.


  2. So far i’m a fan of RPM, Light Constellation and Pipe Mania because they have a theme. This is cool, but doesn’t have the same character as some of the other designs. Maybe if the segments of time were like cogs, it could have a futuristic mechanical clockwork feel.


  3. I like the balance of the big buttons case and strap. Very different in that regard. Doesn’t scream BUY ME, but caught my eye.


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