Future Natural

You can choose the skin on this wireless bluetooth receiver to suit your own style. The three pictured below are light wood, dark wood and mirror, all of which are semi-transparent so that the LED lights shine from beneath to display the time.

With an integrated speaker and microphone, you can pair it with your bluetooth cell phone and plug in earphones to answer calls hands free or receive email or message notifications instantly. Never miss a call or message again.

Also great for pairing with your computer so that you can answer Skype calls while walking around the office or home.

4 thoughts on “Future Natural

  1. It would be cool if the whole panel was a screen and you could download a skin that displays on the screen! But guess the batteries would last an hour. I like the direction you are going with this.


  2. Dog Tags are Getting popular again, Really digging the Mirror screen. One suggestion, instead of Black Leather strap for the mirror screen, how bout a Silver or Stainless steel Chain?


    • Hi Half-Blood, yeah these are concepts at the moment, but please provide your feedback and selected designs will be made, then you can buy.


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