Communication Band

A concept bluetooth band that can be worn comfortably around your neck. Pair with your cell phone, mp3 player or computer so that you can answer calls or listen to music instantly, hands free and wirelessly without having to carry your devices on you.

To take a call simply put the band onto your head and you’ll be able to listen through the speaker and use the integrated mic to talk. To listen to music you can plug in your own earphones and wear the band around your neck. The time is displayed on one side of the band with hours and minutes in the same position as numbers on a clock.

4 thoughts on “Communication Band

  1. I’d have to question how usable the headspeaker would be. Most wireless headsets for phones typically go into the ear to help isolate the noise around you.

    It also doesn’t seem to be a practical shape to shove into a small bag, so you’re kind of forced to wear it all the time. I think that’s why the foldable headphone idea evolved (before the idea of just having 2 small earpieces connected by wires had evolved).


  2. I wonder how good the sound would be. The time telling on the headband isn’t very accessible – I guess it would be for looks only.


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