E-Paper Timing

A wrist watch concept that uses e-paper to show the time digitally in negative space. This design also vibrates to give message and call notifications from your cell phone which appear on the screen via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Operation buttons are positioned at the bottom of the strap creating a slim bracelet style appearance. The time can be read simply by looking for the digital numbers which are shown between the dark dots.

24 thoughts on “E-Paper Timing

  1. I think you should possibly drop the bluetooth stuff (i don’t need it) and make the display capable of doing military time.

    but it looks cool and e-paper might be a very nice addition to led and lcd.


  2. wow.. what an ambitious design!

    e-paper, vibration, bluetooth, and usb charging? crazy! πŸ˜€

    i like the elegance of its simplicity. the grey/black make it sort of neutral will make it versatile for many clothing fashions; is it even possible to have additional colours? does it backlight for seeing in low-light? might be an opportunity to add colour.

    please do more “crazy” ideas like this!


  3. I usually don’t like the blue tooth capable designs, but I like this one. I think it would be great if I could also see who the call or text message is from, or maybe even read it if were a text msg. I could glance down at my wrist when it vibrates, and if it is from someone important I can get my phone out, if not I can just ignore it until later.

    Another idea is maybe I can set it up so it displays whatever phrase want, and then if I would like to see the time I can press a button to have the time displayed. This way when people try to read the time on my watch it could be fun to see if they can figure out what the phrase says.


  4. The best design I have ever seen when does it come out i need this perfect design as soon as possible PLEASE!


  5. – Vibrate mode on watch if ur phone rings is a great feature for me, Most of the time i can’t feel my phone Vibrating in my Pocket.

    – The Color is great for me, I also a Black and Gray Person, can’t Fail with those colors

    – And the Band Looks Great on the watch

    – One thing to ask, Available to have extra links added?


  6. Thanks everybody for your input! That s really interesting to see this design brings many ideas from you! keep it up!


  7. Cool design but why a dot matrix display in negative and without borderlines / open numerals? That’s overdoing it. I’d rather have positive black characters on a lighter background. And maybe an option to choose fonts, Arial, Verdana, whatever to customize the looks of the display. Also, I wonder how it will wear, if it’s balanced well enough with the box of electronics on the downside of your wrist instead of the usual upside.


  8. Certainly the most beautiful design I’ve been seeing in this blog. A must have for me, the day it is released.

    Even it is a single watch, the bluetooth functions are not mandatory for me on this kind of product, the design and the idea are absolutely perfect.

    5 star rating for me πŸ™‚


  9. As addition to my previous comment, a time and date scrollling like a news ticker could be interesting function, to display the date in full text (and why not in a multilingual mode ?) like “Saturday March 6th, 2010″….


  10. I really like the idea of the phone call and message vibration/notification via Bluetooth. I often have my phone in my laptop bag and don’t hear it because of the noise around me.

    It would also be very useful to see the phone number on the watch.

    For an incoming SMS message, displaying who it’s from would be useful.

    The e-ink technology is also very interesting, but I think it could be put to a more interesting use on a watch like this since you’re not restricted to location of LCD crystals or LED’s. You could provide a few different looking displays set from the preferences.

    You could even provide an analog watch style as one of the preferences, or save this idea for a different e-ink watch design. πŸ™‚

    Since te


  11. I agree with thenetherest. I don’t care at all about the bluetooth phone connection. But I would love the option of offering different fonts like the ebook readers on the market. The easier it is to read, and customize, the better.


  12. With an E-Ink display, is it possible to change the display via firmware updates or some similar type of software update?

    If this is possible, that would allow for further customization even after the watch has been purchased. We could download different themes or fonts to our PC or to our phone and then send them wirelessly to the watch or via USB.


  13. Yeah, this is a great design. I love it.

    My only comment would be if the display digits could be larger because they look a bit small on the images.


  14. Absolutely love this watch design.
    Especially the Bluetooth function.
    Yes it would be nice to see names and numbers but even just an indication of messages and incoming calls would be good.

    Love the display, slightly bigger would be nice with the option to switch between positive and negative display.
    What about at night, does it light up, the E-paper that is?

    Love it!


  15. Amazing, really cool design.

    My expectations for it are the followings:

    – With the E-Ink, to save battery, put the message you want, and when pressing a button, the time/date appears.
    – Alarm mode with vibration will be also very useful.
    – Suppose that the caller or msg ID will be difficult to get, so just the ‘Incoming Call’ or ‘MSG’ will be fine (as you’re alerted you can check your phone directly to see who is).
    – Glowing light so we can check what time is it at darkest hours of the day πŸ˜‰
    – A way to configure how the time/date it’s being displayed. With the current design it’ll be a little difficult to read it with just one blink when turning your elbow to take a look at the time, vertical and horizontal alignment will be enough.

    – Horizontal way:
    07/30 10:45:32 PM MSG
    – Vertical way:




    Keep it going as you do! Congratulations!


  16. I think the idea of having call, message, email updates (even from your computer, not just your phone) direct to your wrist watch would be useful. I would definitely buy a watch with this function.


  17. I love this design and concept! I also agree with some of the previous posts about being able to read txt msgs and see who’s calling. I would love to see maybe an aesthetic option for some of the flashy people out there (though I do love the current color scheme). Maybe a little flash of red or yellow on one or two of the band links to catch the eye. Either way i would buy.


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