Communication Cube

A cubic bluetooth design with three functions. Wireless connectivity to your mp3 player or mobile phone so that you can take hands free calls or listen to music while you’re driving, walking or cycling. It also has the added benefit of USB memory so that information can be stored. It’s also a time piece.

Ideal for wearing around your neck or on your key ring or keychain, it can be charged directly via UBS on your computer. The grid shape displays the time in one block and has the control keys in another. The time is displayed in a simple square formation; hours, groups of five minutes and single minutes 1-4 in a block.

6 thoughts on “Communication Cube

  1. Wow. This is AMAZING. Sleek, futuristic, multifunctional. Just awesome. The color for the clock itself is great too! PLEASE make this a reality!


    It should be customizable. Like different sizes for the flash drive (I would only get it if it held up to 2 GB of space, but some people might want less) and possibly different colors for the clock (although I LOVE that greenish color). I also think it would be cool if, for a little more money, you could personalize the bottom square (the one that covers the flash drive). People could ask to have little messages or shapes engraved. THAT would be cool.

    The ONLY problem I have with the design is that the headphone jack is on the side. In the middle image, it looks kinda awkward. If it plugged in the top it might be nicer, but I don’t know for sure.


    • Great input FuzzyGoodle, thank you. Personalization is a good idea. Noted about the headphone jack. Keep the comments coming.


  2. god i have to have it, this thing is awesome. and if that statement does not prove how cool this thing is i created an account just so i could post this comment.


  3. It’s an interesting design, but then again, I like all things cubic (the movie Hypercube, the Rubik’s cube, I own a Nissan cube).

    However, I have a big problem with USB flash drives that have a pop-off cap… it’s something that can be easily lost or misplaced. Where do you put the cap when you’re using the flash drive? Something that pulls off then flips around would be very interesting.

    If it’s around your neck or on a key ring, it could really use a quick-release mechanism when it’s time to use the flash drive portion.

    Another functionality might be that you can play music that’s stored on the flash drive in a MUSIC directory so you’re not restricted to requiring another device for the music.


    • Yeah, pop off caps annoy me too. Mine has a space for a key ring on the cap but if I used it in this way it would get lost so easily. Being able to play music from the USB would be awesome too.


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