Speak Smart

A wireless Bluetooth receiver that can be worn around your neck on a chain. When you receive a call, message or email notification, it vibrates in a different way. Use like an earphone to take hands free calls or listen to music from your mp3 player while you’re driving, walking or cycling.

The LED interface displays a unique animation through the sleek ceramic case when a call or notification is received and the case is connected to a chain for simple, comfortable and convenient communication. The device also has a time speaker that tells you the time through the earpiece at the touch of a button.

3 thoughts on “Speak Smart

  1. This would be very useful. I sometimes use an earpiece connected to my mobile and put my mobile in my pocket to chat hands free while doing other stuff – it would definitely be more convenient to have a device around my neck. Looks cool too, like a robot.


  2. Maybe it is just me but it looks more suitable for ladies becos of the flowery led on the design. Together with the chain around the neck will make a guy look even more lady-like.

    Besides with the chain, what if the chain hooked onto something while walking? It will be very embarrassing and dangerous.


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