Driver watch revives 70’s style futuristic time telling.

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: This design was inspired by Peter “Predatime”.  I reorganized the lights position, added alarm/date/pm options. I also made LCD’s displays example, since I prefer an always on screen vs. LED lights.

The case design is inspired by a few watches from the ’70. (Similar case are also used on a few modern designs) The display side is angled at 45 degree. The opposite side can be flat or also at 45 degree. The name could be engraved there. Both buttons are hidden on the side. They are either a solid |_-shaped plate or under a soft plastic/rubber membrane. The top part could have lines engraved.

The hours use the blocks on the center/top row. The 5 minutes use the row of blocks under the hours. They can be a mirror of the hours, the 12th being a decoration, or have 11 & be slightly moved to the right. The 4 single minute use the 4 circles on the right, or left, starting at the center-left & going clockwise. The options use the 3 circles on the opposite side. The order is, top to bottom, pm/date/alarm.

The time could be shown by having 1 block on or 1 off, or with multiple blocks on or off. The 1st option, if on a LCD screen, would require marks over and under the display, in-between two blocks and before/after the 1st & last blocks.

The case, display and the hidden buttons make it stand out.

6 thoughts on “Driver watch revives 70’s style futuristic time telling.

  1. Hi Matt, I like watches with this style of dial, playback takes a bit of visual learning to quickly grasp the time, but the work is there.
    5 * and Yes.


  2. I have a soft spot for driver style watches and this is no exception. Cheers for the Predatime mention 😉 Although I don’t think many people would have seen any link as they look very different. I like the layout of the time telling, but in this case I think every third block needs to be subtly different for speedy time telling. That aside nice work and best of luck! 😀


    • Without your idea, I’m not sure I would have mine! Every 3rd lights could be different or some could have digits engraved over/under them. (On the case)


      • I think having engraved numbers would look nice and be the clearest way but would restrict the time telling. At the moment you could have different patterns of blocks, if markers are added you have to stick to one pattern. There’s pros and cons either way.


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