Mobius watch; where time becomes a loop.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Whilst trying to think of a new concept for a wristwatch I though how a Mobius infinity symbol also looks like a number eight. Furthermore I that their not many Solar powered wristwatch added to the tokyo flash design concept blog.

This is the idea behind the Mobius  LCD / E-ink or LED display wristwatch.

Constructed In four Materials: White Acetate, IP, Gunmetal or Stainless Steel.

This wrist watch displays the Alarm, Date or Time in sequence animation in either one of two animation formats: always-on or Movement activated. In Both Animations digits on the Display changes every 15 seconds.

This concept will appeal to anyone looking for a stylish futuristic

Sequence wristwatch & it will suit both male or female wrists.

This wrist watch concept has a smooth organic style & is available in multiple Bracelet materials in both LCD / E-ink or a retro LED display.

7 thoughts on “Mobius watch; where time becomes a loop.

  1. Looks very nice ANdrew, The mobius strip is a cool inspiration and any reference to infinity ties in nice with time keeping.
    I like the look of the digits, and I dont have any issues with phasing as such. It would be cool if all the digits could be shown at the same time but this may ruin the look. Cool concept 5/Y best of luck! 😀


    • I used a Mobius Strip / a Number Eight to create simple / minimal design concept. The Sequence Display animation / movement was inspired by the Kisai Neutron wristwatch, male wrist watch. So I decided to create a more Unisex styled Sequence design. Mobius was the Result. I not sure how four Mobius digit/s could be displayed all at once.
      A series of Concetric Mobius Strips? But thanks for your input.


  2. The LCD Lens / LED Face & Solar Cells Oval are all part of a continuous oval dome / hemisphere Shaped Lens / Face.
    However the Shape the Mobius Strip / Number Eight , Time Colons & Mode indicators are cut into the Retro LED
    Face allowing specially shaped LED array/s to be mounted within / in to them.


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