Gridline watch graphs out time

Design submitted by Vincent from the USA.

Vincent says: Once, I was doing my algebra homework and thought about the beautiful simplicity of graph planes. Then, I looked at my watch. And back at the homework.

The grid lines going Vertically tell the 5 minute marks, the horizontal lines tell the hour, and the LED’s at the bottom signify the single minute. In date mode, they are  5 day, month, and day respectively. The color signifies AM, PM and Date. It is a anodized aluminium body that is a rounded cube, with a stripe of aluminum going through the screen where the dot and stripe sections meet. Two buttons toggle the modes.

Anyone with a thirst for simplicity and a love for elegance, and people who like to stand out.

Many watches are over thought, with stopwatches, alarms, timers, and more. My design aims to bring back simplicity to time.

4 thoughts on “Gridline watch graphs out time

  1. This looks good. I like the simplicity of the design. My only concern is how easy it will be to tell the time with larger numbers (e.g. 10:50). Maybe it would be easier if you had slightly larger gaps after every third line. Anyway, good luck with this, 5*/Y.


  2. Minimalism is a nice way for a display, but there has to be a stylish twist to make it appealing. The display would be a cool addition to a Pebble or an iPod. Good luck anyway Vincent!!


  3. I like that the lights are using a simple 3 colors code. I would prefer if the graph would start at the bottom/left corner & go toward the top/right corner. I like that multiple lines are on. A while back, I saw a similar watch that had a single line on per side & the 4 “1 min/day” lights where at the the top/right corner (where the buttons are here). I like the 4 single min/day lights position. (I would have like to see a pic with the 4 on)

    I would buy.


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