Dark Star LED watch lights up facets to tell time.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: Christmas is always a time of inspiration, for some its a time for religious inspiration, for others it might be a time of inspiration to spend more time with friends and family. For me being a watch designing geek I find it a source of inspiration for a concept. In this case the focus of inspiration was a star shaped christmas tree decoration. The points of which were 3d and faceted. This form inspired the display of this design, aptly name “Dark Star”

The time is told by a 6 pointed star shaped LED display in an analogue format. Each of the points is faceted into two halves to create 12 facets in total and divided into an inner ring for hours and an outer ring for 5 minute blocks. The star is surrounded Β by 6 round LEDs between the points. Four of these display single minutes and the remaining two could be used to display am/pm, alarm, date etc. This display would be able to show time, date and alarm features as well as lending itself to bold animations.


This design is very simple but has a bold look which could be interpreted differently by different people. It may appeal to ladies in the right materials as it could look quite jewellery like. Younger customers may see it as fun, if it was bright and colourful. In metal finishes it has a slight militarian look which may appeal to the chaps.

The star shaped display which lends itself to various time telling style and animations helps this design stand out from the competition.

20 thoughts on “Dark Star LED watch lights up facets to tell time.

  1. Your animation seems not to work on none of my mobile, ipad or computer?!?!
    Otherwise, I like the look of your watch, even if it is normally not quite my taste.
    Good luck!


    • Hi Berenice,
      The image showing “animation” is just a still of part of what the animation could be like.
      The actual animation was added here for some reason. Please see the link in the below comment.
      Cheers for the support even tho it’s not necessarily your taste! Cheers πŸ˜€


  2. Hi Pete, I thought furtively of a watch with a β€œCompass Rose”, in display e-paper and I forgot, then I am glad to see a concept approaching my idea. Therefore, how not to put five stars and large yes, that would be against my ideas.
    5* and Yes, obviously!


  3. 5Y from me Pete. πŸ˜‰ Looks really cool. I’d love a watch with a big star on it. Be neat if you could remove the straps so that you could also wear it like a sheriff’s badge. hehe


  4. Nice looking watch, Pete. It looks best when the star is black – I don’t really like the silver star, cos it doesn’t go with the name, but I guess others may not agree. Black star, black strap and green LEDs for me please. 5*/Y.


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