Gnomon sundial watch merges ancient & modern

Design submitted by Brad from the USA.

Brad says: Sundials were brilliant in their day. They are still amazing that they are simple enough for children to be able to make reasonable models of them, yet then can be quite elaborate at times and all can be very accurate. This is a concept to bring that time keeping method with you at all times and available, sunshine or not.

This watch uses a gnomon on the face to simulate casting “shadows” that point to the hour. The minutes are shown at the bottom in either a sun or moon. Sundials do not recognize AM or PM, only daylight or night. At 0630 and 1830 the sun and moon switch. I chose an E-paper display, bringing together the oldest and newest technology together and due to overlapping in the symbols.

This watch is easy for anyone to read when you understand what you’re looking at. It is designed to be worn by any and all that wish to have a unique look.

This design is unique in its face cover with the gnomon on top. The sundial look is recognizable but has rarely ever been useful as a watch. It is also unusual in that it does not use AM/PM or the regular 24 hour method to display the time. Gotta use your head a bit with it.

8 thoughts on “Gnomon sundial watch merges ancient & modern

  1. Nice looking concept Murrance! Congrats on getting your concept published on the blog! I like the combination of the e-paper display and moulded lens. My only issue is that it’s not the first sun-dial inspired design on the blog (gmta) and the triangular time telling feature has been done in one way or another. Maybe the combination of these features will appeal to TF! Fingers crossed! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


    • Nuts. I thought I had a more unique idea. I’ll have to look more closely at previous designs before putting out another. Thanks Pete


      • No worries Murrance, GMTA happens often. There are so many designs on the blog now it’s difficult to not have a similarity to one of them. The only way to avoid it is too invent a new system or display type but then it would be un-feasible lol. Good luck with this and your next submissions! 😀


  2. I like the sundial effect – may not be unique, but it looks good. The sun/moon idea works well and the strap looks good too. You’ve put a lot of thought into this one and the whole package works well together. Good luck and 5*/Y.


  3. I like the idea. Due to the sundial bezel, this one is my favorite triangle-inspired display. I like the sun/moon logo & that it’s not using PM letters. Alarm & date could be added as dots on the left & right side of the minutes. I like that the minutes looks like they are carved in stone. They should be as big as possible. I like the strap.


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