Babbage SteamPunk concept watch.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Babbage: Is inspired by Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine basically a mechanical computer designed during the Industrial revolution during the Victorian era by Charles Babbage. However this design uses no actual Mechanical or moving parts just digital representations of Moving Gears / cogs & drive shafts.

The display uses a series of virtual shafts & gear wheels to display the various elements of the displays:

Top Drive Shaft / Gear Mode Display Indicator: Alarm, Time (Default), Date.

The Center Shaft & Gears display the digits in pairs: Hours: 00 to 23 / Days: 01st to 31st & Minutes: 00 to 59 / Months: 01: Jan to 12: Dec.

The bottom shaft & Gears are used for the AM / PM indicator.

This concept will appeal to people within the Steam Punk community & has a mechanical / Industrial theme.

The user can not only has multiple LED back light Colors to choose from but they are also able to select from three display style Formats: Style A: Black Gears / Black Digits,Style B (Default): Black Gears / White Digits & Style C: Black & White Gears / LED  Back light Color Digits.

12 thoughts on “Babbage SteamPunk concept watch.

  1. Oh I like the digits! And the shape of the case is cool too. I think this should be it. The rest of the display is a bit too much. Black display and 4 cool numbers. Some subtle dots (same diameter as the round ends of the digits) above/below the numbers could work as indicators. Then there are the matarial alternatives (<3) and tada 😀 I see potential in parts of the concept so good luck Andrew.

    ps.: Purple and yellow, why Andrew, why 😉 Anyway, keep enjoying the creative process!


    • The LED back light color can be changed by Pressing Up on the Right Hand control button Up: Colours ascending a-z or Down: Descending Z-A. So if you prefer a different LED color to any of the LED / Bracelet combinations shown,the user / owner can change to one they prefer.


    • Hehe Chris 😀

      Thanks Andrew for the further explanation 🙂 I was just a little shocked by the color combination, I would’ve never came up with this. But I’m open and curious about what people show us here in this blog. Actually the LA Lakers have this color combo too!


  2. Nice idea and nice inspiration Andrew. Unfortunately this is one of those designs where Sam quality renderings would have really helped sell the concept. That said its clear enough for us to understand. For me I thing the font used is a bit too ornate but I like the period feel. Support worthy idea 5* best of luck sir! 😀


  3. I’m well into cogs and gears, so I like the Babbage angle. =) I do feel, though, that more could be done with it. The digits are certainly clear and legible, but I’d like to see something a little more cryptic and a little more integrated with the gear aspect of the concept. Perhaps showing the gears in some perspective, to show the tooth profile, and with the digits on the sides of the gears? That’d probably mean re-designing the case to make everything gel, though. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck!


    • That an interesting idea / interruption of this design of this Design concept, although that redesign may be beyond my skills.


  4. I came up with the concept for the Charles Babbage: Difference Engine / Steampunk Styled wristwatch after find out about the Luxury touch Screen SLYDE that display the Time using Virtual Engines in the format of gears & cogs without using any Physical mechanical movements. Instead uses a full color screen to display styled animated version of mechanical movements.


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