Deca watch hybrid of analogue and decimal.

Design submitted by Brad from the USA.

Brad says: I wanted a cryptic design that still had a familiar feel. I wanted to work with an analog look but to keep it at 10 numbers used to make all other numbers. I call it the Deca.

I have used a decagon with the 10 base numbers. The dash outside the numbers tells the first of the hour numbers. The dash inside the numbers tells the second of the hour numbers. The short hand points to the first of the minute numbers and the long hand points to the second of the minute numbers.

It is unique conversation starter without looking like it just fell out of a time machine from the distant future. This design works for men and women.

Working with only 10 numbers on the face, this watch stands out.

9 thoughts on “Deca watch hybrid of analogue and decimal.

  1. It’s a interesting idea and the time telling does work well. For some reason it doesn’t excite me tho. It may well be a graphics thing. Especially with decagon shape, it kinda looks like a circle with the graphic quality turned down. Would probably look cool in the real world like those retro pixelated watches you sometimes see. I have given you 5stars for support although it doesn’t really grab me. Good luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


    • Interesting thoughts on the decagon shape. I had originally sketched this design out with a circular face, but ended using the decagon to try and accentuate the 10 digits. Thanks for the comment and the stars Pete.


  2. Well, I am very excited to have my design make it on to the blog. I followed a link to the site a while back and have been amazed at the quality and originality of the ideas that come out here. I hope my idea catches a few eyes and I look forward to participating here and seeing the great designs.
    Thanks all,


  3. Hi, Brad! I like your renderings, good colors, clean and concise. I like the fonts you chose for the numbers too. I don’t recall seeing a decahedron used for a case before, seems unique–please don’t yell at me, Mushy, if I’m wrong! Good luck!


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