LEVEL LCD watch with MP3 player.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: In the year 2010 i sent a concept. It was the LEVEL.

Now I’m redesigned this idea. Substitute the LEDs with an LCD display, add some ram, USB port and extra buttons. Plug in the headphones and enjoy your favorite musics and use like a data storage device.

Time mode:

The left side of the screen show hours, each hour is uses five bars blocks. 5-5 bar at the top show AM or PM depending on the time of the day.

On the right side of the screen show minutes, each minute is 1 bar and minutes are separated into groups of five for easy reading. 12 bars at the top right show seconds (1bar is 6 seconds).

Music mode:

The whole screen will be a level meter.

*additional option: vertically scrolling music details (title, artist) between the bars.

7 thoughts on “LEVEL LCD watch with MP3 player.

  1. I like the look and the time telling works well. MP3 is a bonus. The only real question is would TF have two equalizer style watches in their range? Fingers crossed they would, 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  2. I prefer this one because the screen is always on. I don’t like the mp3 player idea but I like the idea to use it as data storage. I like the idea to have the seconds. It might be nice to have 1/5 of the hour bars light up at every 12 minutes. I like the overall look & that the buttons are hidden. I would buy.


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