Wheels watch with automotive theme

Design submitted by Clark from Belgium.

Clark says:  The design of the watch is based on the wheels of my own car.

The strap is from rubber and it represents the tires of a car. The strap also has the grooves that simulate the real tires of a car. I think this design should attract car lovers and sportive people.

horloge-velg-auto horloge-velg-gif

The time telling is quite simple, once you know how to.

The star of the wheel has six arms, which are divided in 2 parts that lid up.

These parts display the hours. On the left side of the wheel the minutes x10 are displayed,

while the right side represent the minutes.

horloge-velg2 horloge-velg1 horloge-velg1-green horloge-velg-zilver-zijkant horloge-velg-gold-zijkant horloge-velg-gold-zij-auto

5 thoughts on “Wheels watch with automotive theme

  1. Very good, I like the mix of digital & 12-5-9 in the time telling & the tyre effect. You could of course have the option to show it the other way around too. Hours as digits & lines as 5, 10, 15 etc.

    It does remind me of of the P-Zero design on this blog, but cars/bikes often do form the inspiration of a design.

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  2. As regular blog peeps will know I’m a bit of a petrol head so any car or motorcycle inspired designs will appeal to me. This design is right down my street. Some folks may says its a bit literal. My only issue is it might be a little too similar to p-zero but I would still love to see a tyre tread strap on the watches page. Best of luck! 🙂


  3. Another petrol head checking in. This does seem similar to PZero, and even Blade and its precursors, not that that’s a bad thing. I like how you’re not using just the spokes to tell time, it gives it a bit of distance from Blade, PZero et al. Just a thought, but perhaps putting a cross drilled rotor behind the wheel would open up some options for time telling. LEDs could show through the holes. Just a thought.
    I love the idea for the band. I think a more aggressive tread pattern, like a Pirelli PZero Rosso or PZero Corsa might give it an extra little punch.
    I think you’re definitely heading in the right direction. Your concept is great, I just think it needs a little something to set it apart.


  4. Cool theme nicely executed. I like the shape of the spokes. The face could be a little less flat… like the middle has another height, the frsming circle could have too. I really like the light on the bottom side. As I’m not a petrol head, I’d stick with a leather strap. Good luck Clark!


  5. I like the way the hours are divided. Sometime I feel like the hour should start over the digit on the right side. It would be nice if it was possible to choose where it’s starting.
    I like that it combine a modified analog & digital.
    I like the design on the strap. Sadly, I hate rubber/silicone straps, because it’s easy to break them.
    At least, here it would be easy to replace, which is also an issue.


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