Initiate LED watch with cryptic hexagons

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says:  I would like to present my next LED rechargeable wristwatch design concept: Initiate.

The watch has a series of concentric hexagonal rings:  eight arranged in groups of four stacked one group above another.


The Eight Hexagonal ring upper ring display the number 0-1 & the Upper & lower combined are used used to display the numbers 2-9 in a cryptic / fragmented forma.

These digits are read from the outside inner ward. At the of Each of these concentric rings is a standard hexagon in the centre of the upper ring : AM / lower rings: PM indicator.

Surrounding the hexagonal in a hour glass mode marker frame. This is used to indicate the selected mod: Alarm < >, Date: D, C: Charge: Wear Time, S: Stop watch , Hour glass symbol: Time (Default).


At the centre of both the inner most Hexagonal ring is a further hexagon which are used as the AM: Upper / PM: Lower  indicators.

The  watch case is two hexagons joined together creating  a Figure of Eight shape in keeping with the style of the digits.

This watch has a  futuristic space age style with a cryptic / fragment display.

Constructed in various TF material / LED display colours: See the Diagrams provided

Initiate-IP-(706x451) Initiate-Steel-(706x451)

8 thoughts on “Initiate LED watch with cryptic hexagons

  1. Cheer TF for being kind enough to publishing yet another of my designs.
    I wish to add some information to: Initiate concept, which I included in the Diagrams / examples file names but forgot to add to the examples themselves :
    Diagram Number 2: Time Mode: Cyan / White LED’S, Case / Bracelet Gun-Metal.
    Diagram Number 4: Alarm Mode: Blue / Orange LED’S, Case / Bracelet: Stainless Steel.


  2. I like the look of this watch and I’m a fan of hexagons and stacked digits. My issue is the smaller hexagons are tricky to read as the halves of the digits are further apart. The two groups of hexagons need to merge in the centre so both halves are connected. It would be more like a hexy 8 shape and easier to read. Best of luck Andrew! 🙂


    • Cheers Pete I realise that the smaller hexagons may be harder to read & perhaps the Hexagons / concentric figure 8’S should meet in the centre. Furthermore figure of 8 shape could be improved / enhanced.


  3. Looks cool. It a liiiiittle bit too hard to read. I experimented with stacked digits (like we all did I believe) and gave up a lot (but not all) due to unreadability. I can imagine some really cool animations with this display though.


    • Samukun: your right this display may not be for beginners but I hope it will appeal to fans of cryptic watches. I would love you or TF show me the Animation Ideas for this Watch.


    • Sorry. Just saw you YouTube video and thought I was in search. Maybe need to wake up first! I do like this current watchm and how it is hard to read. My only concern would be the size of the case.


      • Thanks Nev went I was creating Initiate wanted I decided to combined a concentric digits with a cryptic fragmented display. As for the size of the watch bracelet & case I think that it could have similar dimensions to other TF LED rechargeable watch such as: Neutron.


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