Type:Y watch versatile design with rotating cover

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says:  This is “Type:Y” a hybrid of a few of my older designs. I have used the watch case/strap shape of “Type-X“, the time telling of “Trylon” and watch face/cover like “Salt“.

Type Y 01

This design tells the time in a similar fashion to “Trylon” three LCD or LED digital displays  (or one partially covered display) shows the time in either 12/5/9 digits or blocks. The display is framed or covered by a “Salt” like cover with a Y shaped aperture, this cover can be rotated using the ridged/textured face. This allows the display to be protected when not in use. It can also give the watch a contrasting look, a branding opertunity or even a secondary time telling method. I have used a LED display in a 12/5/9 format in one of my examples.

Type Y 03 Type Y 02

This design has a sci-fi look in an industrial style with dual personalities. This will hopefully allow it to appeal to a wide variety of people.

The face cover combined with different looks or displays types allows this design to stand out from others.

Type Y 04 Type Y 09 Type Y 08 Type Y 07 Type Y 06 Type Y 05

15 thoughts on “Type:Y watch versatile design with rotating cover

    • My original thought was just a simple alternate colour background for when the time was not needed. The display would also be protected in this position. This developed into the patterned surface and then the logo version. The final iteration was the alternate time telling display, so in one position you see the three LCD displays and the other the three LED displays. They could show the same info for when you just fancy a different style or different info like date or duel time zone etc. the turning of the cover could activate the watch or like you say activate a specific function, hopefully there is a nice combination of features that will be worth further development! Cheers 🙂

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  1. The use of rotating cover / face that reveal different movements: Digital: Trylon / Binary & a logo face is just brilliant. I Cannot see Y this design does not stands a good chance at becoming reality.

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  2. I must own this, this is incredible. I’m trying to think of something I don’t like about this concept and design and I just can’t. The ability to transform its look and possibly function with a twist of the face is very cool. I sincerely hope this gets made, I’ll be first in line to order.

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  3. I prefer the “count the dots” version! (I prefer the 1 with all the hexagons)
    Also having a digital version is nice for when I’d be too tired to count dots.
    I like the protective cover idea.
    It seem like the display can be rotated (hour or second alone), which would be nice.


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