Salt LCD Watch Makes Time Cryptic & Easy

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: “This is “Salt” a design that combines a couple of features from some of my previous designs, namely “Disc”Β and “Subway”.

The Subway design used an LCD showing a bunch of frequently changing numbers that in themselves meant nothing. It was only when these numbers were highlighted by an animated chain framing the appropiate digits that the time was readable.

The Disc design featured a disc with many perforations, the small holes allow LEDs to glow through them. To tell the time the disc had to be rotated into the appropiate position. This design combines these two display methods.


Salt features an LCD display that has mutiple frequently changing digits on it. Some of the numbers tell the time, the rest are random. The top row describes the hours and the bottom row the minutes. To tell the time you rotate a disc that is mounted to the face of the watch. This disc could be interchangable allowing a certain amount of customisation.


This disc features a selection of windows cut out of it which frame the appropiate digits on the display to highlight the time, rather like a template. The disc could have 2,3 or 4 templates. There are four dots below the display which match up with small holes on the disc. This tells you if you are using the correct template.


For the more advanced user that might learn the patterns of the templates there could be a disc with a large window cut out showing the whole display. These advanced users would be able to see the time by which of the four dots is shown and remembering the appropiate pattern. This format could also describe the date, seconds would also be an easy edition as it would just require more window cut outs.


These windows cut into the disc reminded me of lids you sometimes get on salt containers (and other granulated products) or 100’s and 1000’s (brightly coloured candy spinkles used in cake decorating) Hence the name “Salt”



The design will look very cryptic to some until they understand the use of the disc so this should sort the hard-core fan from the more conservative user. The industrial look will also appeal to a niche group. The customisable element will also attract those how like their watch their way.



The watch features single sided strap fittings allowing the straps to be easily interchanged. You simply un-screw the anodised knurled nuts and slide the strap off. The nuts could also be interchanged along with the discs to suit the wearers style.


This customisation along with the display style sets this design from others and would ultimately be easily made too!”

28 thoughts on “Salt LCD Watch Makes Time Cryptic & Easy

  1. Great idea Peter, I think the template idea and LCD combination is the art of future LCD watch design. I’m also playing with a couple of LCD-template ideas since my “CODE” design.


    • I know what you mean Wilhelm, I love the mechanical look when the majority of the face is metal clad. I have many thoughts about a mechanical watch that displays digits made up by moving parts but they always end up too complicated, a manual operation at least simplifies it. Code was cool and deserved a better score IMHO so I look forward to your new ones! Cheers for the support sir! πŸ˜€


      • “too complicated” like most of your designs, lol. I was thinking about 1 thing about the Salt; won’t the pins bend because they are only supported on one side?

        (Thank you for your support on the Code, I wasn’t online at that time to thank everyone for their support and positive feedback)


      • I think if the pins are a sensible diameter (3-4mm), made of steel and riveted into the watch body they would be plenty robust enough. The shorter they are the better too. I dont know if the single sided strap is TF’s cup of tea but its nice to make the concepts look a little different. πŸ˜€


      • No I didnt but that would a nice alternative. It would match the template and the strap nuts.
        Cheers for the suggestion. If I get the chance I might do a rendering with that option. Cheers πŸ˜€


  2. Very cold-war, clandestine operations behind the iron curtain kind of a look, to me at least…=) Particularly the all black with green display. I like it! The single-side strap bracket is a nice touch, too. Fits the overall look beautifully. As does the strap itself.
    If I have one quibble with it it’s that the display is on the small side compared to the size of the watch. Other than that; great work! =)


    • Nice comment Anders, I like the way you see it! The display could be made bigger or the numbers could be bigger but fewer. As long as there is space for the groups of windows there is no hard and fast rule.
      I have catered for up to four groups of windows but three may well be plenty. Also I have spaced them out, it may well be possible to nest them closer together allowing for a larger display. Cheers for the feedback sir! πŸ˜€


  3. Ok, Pete, this is now my favorite design of yours! You hooked me in with the steel in the first photo. The only watch I currently wear is a stainless steel analog chronograph. I love your daring asymmetrical band support. Well done. 5*/y!


  4. Well Done Peter Nice concept just remembers to take any complements / complaints about this design with a pinch of Salt.


    • Nice association, I’m glad you likey! Lets hope TF take the red pill and bring this design from the virtual world into the real world! Hehe cheers for the comment sir! πŸ˜€


  5. This concept combines some cool details. The case with the asymmetric mount of the straps and the little screw nuts on the other end, the partially rough surface, the hex screw and the the display perforations that work as decoders. Pretty clever cos it’s so simple and effective. I’d like to spin it πŸ˜€ 5*/YES


    • Nice comment Sam! Yeah the devil is in detail they say! I wanted an industrial feel that was easily makable. A lot of the interchangeable parts could be made on a lathe (minimal tooling required) the perforations could be pressed out or machined. Only the case, LCD and strap would require tooling I imagine. Cheers for commenting and cheers for liking sir! πŸ˜€


  6. According to the computer this one also ends today. Cheers to TF for posting it here and everyone who took the time to vote, comment and share! Cheers everyone!

    Pete from GB πŸ˜€


  7. I like the lugs on the right but I don’t like the asymmetrical lugs. I like the bezel finish. I like the idea to rotate a disk with multiple cut-out ( it remind me wheels we where using in school for language class ) I like the idea to send multiple wheels with 1 watch.


    • I’m glad you like the concept in general Makko! I think it’s potentially a pretty simple concept with a “twist”. Cheers for the support sir! πŸ˜€


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