LED Watch Inspired By Stealth Vehicles

Design submitted by Pawel from Germany.

Pawel says: “The polygonal design of the housing is inspired by the shape of stealth vehicles. The objective was to smoothly integrate the numbers into the polygonal mesh such that one cannot tell where the display is until it is activated.


This is a four digit LED display with a overlapping number design. Due to overlapping, the numbers form unusual shapes. The overlapping digits can be distinguished easily from each other with little practice. The display is capable of showing hours and minutes, date and weekday. Just like numbers, control sensors are seamlessly integrated into the housing.


This watch is for people who like stealth vehicle design and futuristic design and who love to surprise.

The design of the overlapping but still easily distinguishable numbers is unique. The unusual shape of the housing does not exhibit a flat screen area but surprises where and how it shows the time.”

17 thoughts on “LED Watch Inspired By Stealth Vehicles

  1. It looks impressive, but there are problems with zeros. 03 and 08 are identical. In your examples you sometimes show the zeros and sometimes not, which is inconsistent but is a way around the other problem.


  2. Nice design work! Apart from the issues already pointed out (which shouldn’t be that difficult to sort out), this feels fresh to me. I like the minimalism and the graphic, uncluttered look. It should look fantastic in reality, fingers crossed it gets made.


  3. This looks very cool as an object in it own right. The time telling is a bonus. I love stealthy things so this is like cat-nip to me. My only issue is it does remind me of Sam’s polygon design from ages ago. Hopefully one of these styles of design will make reality one day! 5/Y 😀


  4. Stealth yes but more subtle, red angular numbers oh yes! The numbering system might need some tweaking. I played around with such numbers and it’s not easy… It’s cool that you can still display all times and there is no contradiction. And actually the glyphs that form at the different times are cryptically cool. The 4 should be flipped horizontally… or would there be problems? For my personal tast of this week ( 😉 ) I’m not into diamondy surfaces. A smooth glossy surface would be my choice. Well many things are possible when putting this concept at the beginning. So 5* and good luck!


  5. Who’s not onto secret codes and eye-brain enhancement? Or, the coolness of wearing something futurist that no one else can read? Don’t you sometimes feel like you are wearing a watch that was a gift from another planet or dimension?

    This looks more complex than reading my treasured Spider. I’d buy it!

    BTW– I took said Spider in to have the band cut down. The jeweler HAD to have the Tokyoflash URL He was on it before I left the shop. He’s young, cool, and Asian, and he collects watches. 😉


    • The only thing I can imagine what would make this design even more awesome is if you could
      a) add a mode where the light is always on
      b) find a place to show a 3rc pair of digits, for seconds and the possibility to add a stopwatch feature (I mean, if I pay <150$ for a clock, a stopwatch and an alarm would surely not be wanted too much…?)
      5*, however 😉


  6. Hi Martin, additional functions are certainly possible. Always on mode is implemented in some LED watches on the market. However, the battery life would decrease considerably in this mode.

    Without changing the overall shape of the watch too much, the digits could be organized in two rows to display seconds.

    By the way, I do not like those mode icons like I see in many LED watches. Though, this display is flexible enough to display the mode codes without additional icons:

    / _ = AL = Alarm
    ¯¯ = TI = Timer
    _¯ ¯¯ = ST = Stopwatch
    ¯_ / = DA = Date

    I hope this ASCII art gives a rouph idea of the letter design for the mode codes…


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