Transitions watch digi-analogue 12-11-4 time telling

Design submitted by Robert from Hungary.

Robert says: I wanted to create an analog-like 24 hour watch with hour hand and minute hands with sub-dials, but using the popular 12-11-4 digital time form. And I absolutely wanted to avoid the overlaps of the hands! The challenge was complex. The two-sided hour hand was the key.

The hour hand reads 24 hours, using only the two top quarters of the full circle. When the hour hand is in the red (AM) quarter, you should read the two red sub-dials counting the minutes (11-4 time form). The blue (PM) quarter works on similar way.

This hybrid watch has an analog style but uses digital time-reading. A lot of people like watches with sub-dials. This watch is conservative and modern at the same time. It is a typical „four-quadrant product” (like a movie) for men, for women, for youngsters and for aged persons.

I have never seen this kind of 24-11-4 digital-analog watch concept before. This symmetrical watch is simple and progressive, practical and tricky at the same time. This watch uses some twists when it reads the time. It can be made as an analog or a digital watch.

8 thoughts on “Transitions watch digi-analogue 12-11-4 time telling

  1. I like the idea. I like analogue watches with sub dials and your design with it’s thin edge, which I like but don’t see often on chronograph watches, makes me think of some kind of nautical watch. Not so sure about the pentagon shapes, would rather prefer round shapes. Also the strap isn’t my choice, but that’s a minor. Good luck.


  2. Hi Robert,
    I have to agree with Wilhelm, I really like the concept! It has a certain elegance in its time telling. Hopefully there are off the shelf 24hr movements available to make this concept viable. The aesthetics need a little work but I can imagine you are limited by your software. With the right look this could be a winner. 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


    • 24 hours movements that make a full rotation every 24 hours are available. They would need to reduce the speed to be able to make the half-rotation needed. This is possible, since Aeromatic make some with the 12 hours using 180 degree, like this one, but divided in 2 or 3 lines . That being said, those watches sell around $400. ( but Aeromatic is a German brand with Swiss made/Swiss-style movement )


  3. Hi,

    Thank you. This concept of mine was the fourth and the last one here (I sent all of them in this month). But it is the only one that was published here till now. (The very best is my Trinary/Ternary EQUILIBRIUM watch concept I think. I hope it will be published soon.)

    Wilhelm: yes, the pentagon shapes could be rounds, probably I also tried that shape before… And probably the four round shapes inside the fifth one give a united look. Oh, the strap… A solid black leather strap would be perfect. 🙂

    Pete: You are right, I am not a designer guru, I just tried to present a clear concept, and I could make it my limited way…

    Thank you!


    • The concept is the significant detail (and I think its a good one), your images and animation comunicate it clearly. TF could develop the styling if they chose the concept anyways. Best of luck! 😀


      • I wish the best for you too. I know you designed dozens of watches! I am really new here, so I haven’t seen all of the concepts at TF. But I know you have several concepts based on hexagon. One of my four concepts is also based on hexagon (Flower of Life – unpublished yet). It is a very exciting shape, and TF also likes this shape… 🙂


  4. I like the concept. I would like some markers on the casing to help identify the hour (markers at 3, 6 and 9 would do it). Round shapes probably would look better. Good luck.


  5. I like the concept. I like that it’s using sub-dials, which I usually hate. ( the 0-4 sub-dials could be round ) I like the dual-color usage. I like that it’s using 1/2 of the circumference for the hour. ( I would prefer if it was midnight to midnight ) The band is good but would be nicer with blue & red lozenges in it, instead of white. Or a nato style strap with colored lines. ( or another Nylon/fabric band ) I agree with Nev about 1 marker at every 3 hours. I would buy. ( It remind me of some Aeromatic models, more specifically the triple regulator & double phase )


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