Erupt watch with tactile hex display.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says:  This watch is my attempt of a tactile / 3D LED digital inspired by the geological basalt hexagonal columns of the giant’s causeway.

Erupt Brimstone (706x487)

The Alarm, Date or Time using four Digits. Each of the four digits is create by 13 Hexagonal tiles / key which Erupt out of the wristwatch face to create 3D style digits.

Each Hexagonal tile is raised & lower using via a electric / air powered actuation pin / motor.

Each Hexagonal LED title / key has a crack Lava effect.

Erupt Granite (706x487)

In order to set the display correct the user must first unlock the display by pressing & holding the LED  activation button & then press in the the hexagonal tiles which are not required & press out the tiles that are until they match the shape of the required digits,

Furthermore this watch is solar power so the user does not need to worry about it running out of Power.

The hexagonal  watch case & bracelet are constructed in either: IP, Gun-metal, Steel or Brimstone: imitation rock.

LED many colours are also geological  themed: Sulphur, methane, geyser, Lava & White Hot: Forge.

This watch takes  2D format time keeping in to a 3D tactile format. The Hexagonal tiles could be slightly heated meaning that it could be worn by the partially sighted or by the blind? As they could feel the raised hexagonal blocks / shaped digit to tell  the time / date.

Erupt Steel (706x487) Erupt SandStone (706x487) Erupt IP (706x487) Erupt Gun (706x487)

8 thoughts on “Erupt watch with tactile hex display.

  1. I dig hexagons so any hexy designs are gonna float my boat! That said it seems a shame not to use more if the face in the time telling, although doing so would bring it closer to CamAlien in concept I guess. I like the raised hexagons idea as I am a fan of texture and a tactile quality to watches. Best of luck Andrew! 🙂


    • Erupt: is the first Tactile Digital watch I’ve Created, So Far. I placed the Digit Tiles in the centre in order to make it easier to read visually or by touch: tactile.
      Perhaps more / additional hexagonal tiles could be added & utilised to tell the time: six digits: Seconds/ years. Or Maybe Display the Date: Day / Month & the Time: Hours / Minutes, simultaneously using two groups of four digits eight in total.


  2. This is a very cool concept. Is something like this actually possible with the packaging and price constraints? It could open up a lot of possibilities. I love the concept and the design is very good. Great work.


    • Thanks for your kind words of support mb500sel. I would like to think that this concept can be constructed in reality, but that may just be my own vanity & hope for Erupt design. But anything possible right?


      • A similar technology seems to exist in the design of Braille ebook readers. I can’t speak as to practicality etc, but it seems a step closer to Erupt being feasible.


    • Dear Tokyo flash Japan Product Design Studio:
      I realise that a 3D tactile movement maybe difficult / expense to construct in reality.
      However I wanted to create a design with a movement unlike any of my other wristwatch design concepts & 3D Tactile LED (heated?) seemed the logical choice.
      But cheers for your support for the raised / 3D element of this concept.


  3. I like the overall look & the idea to have raised tiles.

    If it’s not possible / cost effective to do the “raised & lower using via a electric / air powered actuation pin / motor.” it would be nice to have the lens made as a randomly / variously raised tiles & use a LCD / LED screen under it.


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