‘Big Minimal’ watch combines the best of analogue & digital

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says: Most of the time, I prefer a minimal display, but sometimes I need more accuracy.  Big Minimal is an attempt to balance two styles in a single watch I can wear all the time.

Big Minimal is an analog + LED watch where the LEDs enhance legibility on demand during the day or night.  With the LEDs off, during the day, two white hands on a blank charcoal dial convey the time with classic simplicity.  If you need to know the exact minute, pushing the crown activates the central LEDs embedded in the dial to display the minutes as big digits (and a clock-position LED for the hours).  The hands are large and skeletonized so they are both clear when the LEDs are off and do not obscure the LEDs when on.  At night, activating the LEDs gives a bright display cleaner than lume or backlighting.

Big Minimal is for people who appreciate both minimalism and precision, who enjoy both modern LED watches and traditional classics.  These styles are not mutually exclusive, there does not need to be a tradeoff.

Looking back on my own designs, I think I have sometimes started from a blank slate, with a new idea unconnected to the past, whereas my personal preference would be to wear something that has evolved from a traditional foundation.  Big Minimal is more of an evolution, simpler yet closer to what I appreciate about watches.

6 thoughts on “‘Big Minimal’ watch combines the best of analogue & digital

  1. I like the way this design can be seen as a regular watch during the day but transforms into something more unusual by night. As well as having the added functionality of the two modes.

    The lines & dots created by the hands/LED’s are reminiscent of some old video games “Qix”? & I think the design could be exploited to enhance that a little.

    Sometimes a solitary hour dot is hard to read because it’s just a point & there is no line to draw your eye to the direction, however I think with this watch once you light up the LEDs you would actually be able to see the hands too, so it wouldn’t be a problem 🙂


  2. Im a fan of watches with Hybrid time telling methods or tech so this one floats my boat. I think the look could be a bit more adventurous but thats obviously a subjective matter. Hopefully TF would be able to package the analogue and LEDs into a compact enough case too! 5/Y Best of luck and welcome back to the blog Logan! 😀


  3. Interesting design. I like the idea that the digital time provides the accuracy missing from the analogue.
    Not really my style, as I like my watches cryptic, but a good design that should appeal to many, so you get my vote.
    Good luck and 5*


  4. I like having both mode on at the same time. I wonder if it could be made as a dual-time watch! It would be nice to have a mode with multiple hour LED’s on.


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