AIRPORT watch uses short codes to display time

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: I present “AIRPORT”, named like this because the time looks like airport acronyms.

I had the idea while seeing Andy “rainbow spectrum” concept on this blog.

I’ve commented that I would need to “find another trick [to] make it readable!” based on my personal problem with differentiating shades of colors that are too close.

1 trick is to replace the colors-code with letters, which I did.

Then, I had to find an overall look. I saw the Tokyo flash “Morse code” & used it as an inspiration:

– Dot matrix

– The lenses / light bulbs

– Polished steel

– Rectangle display

I’ve adapted the case to be a horizontal rectangle with round-up corners & made 2 close-ups light bulbs examples. I used ‘pixel art” inspiration for the letters/digits.

How to tell the time:

There are 7 methods (It would be nice if they could be pre-set and the wearer can change it). Here they are: (they also appear on the numbered pictures)

1) 3 letters (1 for the hour)

2) 4 letters (2 and 2) in 12H format

3) 4 letters (2 and 2) in 24H format

4) 2 letters (hours) and 2 digits (minutes) in 12H format

5) 2 letters (hours) and 2 digits (minutes) in 24H format

6) 12-5-9 as 2 letters + 1 digit (0-9)

7) 12-11-4 as 2 letters + 1 digit (0-4)

I’ve place the PM/AL/date indicators under it, as 5 dots bars. (1 dot is between 2 of them)

Being primarily a “letters” digital watch make it stands out. The cover/lenses/light bulbs would make it stands out.

12 thoughts on “AIRPORT watch uses short codes to display time

  1. Interesting concept. I like how it mixes letters/numbers to tell the time & that would not take long to learn.
    Soon enough you would instantly know that L was the 12th letter of the alphabet without thinking & you have a new skill!

    It would be great to also have the watch programmed with all the major airports of the world, so when you land you simply set the watch to NRT or HEL & the time is updated!


  2. I love this concept. This is really different to anything I’ve seen before on the blog, so new ideas ARE possible!
    The different options are good too. Maybe an eigth one, all numbers, as an easy option for those early days, that could be displayed at a press of a button (like in Maze).
    Shame Matt’s picture showing the letters to numbers isn’t shown, as that is a useful aid when trying to read, until you’ve memorised J=10, L=12 etc.
    Good luck and 5y.


  3. Nice concept with a unique (as far as I have seen) time telling method. I think I would want a key (maybe on the strap) showing the number to letter conversion for easy reference and would make a nice decoration too. 5/Y best of luck Makko! 😀


  4. Interesting idea! Since it is primarily a letter watch, what about inserting the time show method of Roman numbers? It would mix ancient and futuristic features and stand out even more!


    • That’s interesting, even if it might be problematic since Roman numbers uses up to 3 letters. Modifying them a little bit & sticking them together would probably work (other than taking more than 3 columns, which isn’t a problem with 1 symbol for the hour).


  5. I like the idea of setting the time by airport code, although would need to remember those as well as the letter to number conversion!


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