Change your view with the twistable ASPECT watch

Design submitted by Lewis from the UK.

Lewis says: The idea was to create something interactive. A device that offered more than just digital features. Having a physical twisting action affect the digital display in the forms of animation or function goes beyond pressing a button.

I tried to make the design simple in terms of manufacture but offer different levels of difficulty in the display to appeal to a greater market audience. The cryptic Mode shows the time in the 12:6:9 configuration. The 60th minute marker is ultimately useless but completes the aesthetics. I’d like to open this up to the blog members to discuss a better solution of showing the 10’s of minutes on a watch with 3 sections

The watch was designed to cater for new followers of Tokyo Flash looking for a beginners watch whilst keeping the traditional cryptic fans happy with the optional modes. The rotating screen adds a new level of interactivity which adds a separate unique selling point to the design, display and animations.

Using the watch to twist through setting the time/alarms/date is the first of its kind i believe. I’m a new member so don’t hold me to that. The shape again is unique. its been difficult to cater for a 3 section display but its certainly possible. The triangular display offers a bespoke typeface which compliments the design.

10 thoughts on “Change your view with the twistable ASPECT watch

  1. Excellent work Lewis & welcome to the blog!
    A very sci-fi looking device indeed, complete with alien code (& easy mode for us humans)

    The twist concept is intriguing. That’s a clever interactive touch. Turning the case to navigate time, date, alarm etc or for setting the watch.

    Well done on the choice of colours too, each has its own unique mood.


  2. Looks awesome! I think you’d be brave wearing it in public, though! For creativity you definitely get a 5y.


  3. Looks awesome Lewis, loving the shape! I like the twist to activate, it’s not entirely new to the blog but it probably is in the real world. The only issue might be that it could get caught on your clothes and turn accidentally etc. I’d be willing to take the risk! Very nice colour combos and renderings sir! 5/Y best of luck and welcome back to the blog 😉


  4. Another watch that looks very different, Lewis. I thought Spine was unusual, but this is even more so. This one takes a lot less space on your arm 🙂 and could be a real winner.
    I also like the 12-6-9 display format. Maybe the 60th minute marker could be a diffent colour and used as an AM/PM display (unlit=AM,lit=PM). I am asuming that with a different coloured filter over this, the watch could still be e-paper.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


    • yeah thats a great idea Nev thanks!

      id of gone 12 5 9 but 5 is difficult to split 3 ways 😛

      an AM/PM marker would suit it perfectly.


  5. Cool idea, but I can’t help thinking how tricky it’d be to manufacture… And the risk of getting it caught in clothing and such. Making it less ‘protruding’ might help with the latter, but might also compromise the design.

    But enough with the negative! I like the symmetry of the display and that you’ve grouped the segments so that it’s read from the outside in (jumping back and forth would be confusing).

    If you want to eliminate the ‘useless’ segment then 12-12-4 might be an option, though in that case you’d have to make it 4-lobed. Which might, depending on how it was styled, help with the risk of snagging as well. Anyway, just my two bob. Good luck!


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