Web watch spins up some LED time telling

Design submitted by Gabriel from Romania.

Gabriel says: I do not have a particular inspiration for this concept but as the clock display resembles a spider web, I thought to name it “web”. The watch has 60 segments that light up and in center a digital numeric display.

The hours correspond to a classic watch and are indicated by the direction from the center of the segment lit. The first digit of minutes is indicated by the position from the center of the segment lit, the second digit of minutes is displayed in the center.

The watch has a simple and minimalist design and is easy to read once you know how to decrypt making it attractive to a wide range of people.

13 thoughts on “Web watch spins up some LED time telling

  1. We have seen several WEB inspired watches before but what I like about this one is that the web theme is stronger than most others. Particularly the image showing colours blue, gold, green – there is a definite Spiderman feeling there.

    This is one of those layouts that can tell the time in many different ways.


  2. A great looking watch design that should certainly score higher – hopefully this will improve with more voters.
    I love the look of the watch face – the web structure will look great even when the display is off. The time reading is simple, so I would expect this to be popular.
    I think embossing the web structure onto the strap as well would look good and I do think there should be some animation opportunities (even if that has already been done with Spider).
    I’d love to have one of these – good luck and 5*/Y.


  3. This looks nice, I like the embossed look of the display and you’re picked some nice colour combinations. The time telling is cool, I have tried a few design that show part of the time using different diameters and never been totally happy with them. This looks like a step closer to a more optimised solution. I think it could go one step further tho. If the illuminated block could also show digits then the entire time could be told with one block. Analogue position for hour, distance from centre for 10s of minutes, digit for single minutes. It would make the display more dense which would maybe lend itself better to LCD or e-paper. If that was the case the lens could have similar embossing which would give a similar look to what you have now. 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  4. I love this watch design. It is probably the best one I’ve seen. Very original and unique. Good Job! 😀


  5. I like the display. The inlays between 2 blocks should be filled with white stuff, to put emphasis on the spider web, but the blocks should still be raised. I like the idea to place a 12-5-9 on a analog/digital display. I would buy!


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