RoloDex watch bold digital with custom colour themes.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Rolo Dex (MK2) is based on a retro mechanical flip alarm clock, but instead of using a mechanical movement it uses an E-ink / LCD touch Screen Flip Clock animation like  those on a Smart phone or PC. The wristwatch is available in three Styles (Flip Tiles / Digits): Black / White, White / Black & a limited Edition: Black & White / LED. Each of which is available the various materials Shown.

The display use four large retro Flip tile style & digits: Centre to display the required digits for the various Modes (Two mode indicator tiles Bottom): AL: Alarm, DM: Date (Days / Months), SW: Stop Watch & Time: Default. The Display mode can be change by the scrolling the finger Up to select alternate modes: Z-A or Down to select Modes: Z-A.

People looking for a retro styled wristwatch that has similar clock style to the smartphone / Cell Phone.

Although this design is not revolutionary it is large warm & friendly look to it making it easy to read. Furthermore if the user wishes to alter the display all they need do is press & hold their finger on the bottom half of the flip tile they wish to alter & drag it Up: Decrease or Drag the top half of the tile down to Increase. Also this wristwatch has multiple selectable Color LED Back Light.

6 thoughts on “RoloDex watch bold digital with custom colour themes.

  1. Nice one, Andrew. I might be tempted to buy something like this, particularly if the digits flipped over like those old clocks…


    • That was the idea / concept of this concept. A E-ink / E-Paper wristwatch display that looks & animates like a retro Flip Tile Alarm Clock.


  2. Hi Andrew, I like the idea of a flip clock style display on my wrist. In an ideal world it would be mechanical like my friend Gordon’s from a while back. I can see why you went the e-paper route. It much more feasible, I think with this style the devil will be in the detail. You need the slightly 3D look, the visible edges of the tiles behind the current ones. Ideally the tile should animate when they flip etc etc. obviously you are limited by sketch up so will have to imagine the final product. Could be very nice! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  3. The numbers are cool and the flipping digits as inspirations is also cool. With enough segments (be it LCD or e-paper) you can even have a flipping animation for each number – so cool! Mode indicators could be smaller, maybe just some dots with some little text next to them so the display would focus on the big numbers and would look more clean. It’s a nice idea and yeah, if Tokyoflash add their magic, I’d probably get it 🙂


    • The focus of this wristwatch should be be the flipping Tiles & the retro styled digits. If a change to the mode indicators would make this more appealing then I am willing consider any suggestion/s you, TF or anyone else has to make.


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