Segmented LED watch stacks digits

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: When I cut it in half in the classic segments, I discovered an interesting effect.

This is what I used to the design of this watch. The larger (outer) segments indicate the hours, the lower (inner) segments indicate the minutes.

Large LEDs with a little animation is very impressive effects can be achieved.

I recommend this for those who prefer the of the cryptic  appearance of the time.

27 thoughts on “Segmented LED watch stacks digits

  1. Fantastic! I love this and would order one as fast as I did “Quasar” (which is as good in real life as it is on the ouctures on the website). I hope it gets made and with more colours (I’d probably go for green numbers on black). Good luck with this one, Laszlo. A definite 5*/Y


  2. Nice diversion of a stacked digits theme. Looks great and has a technical cryptic look. Nice lens detail too, me likey 5/y best of luck sir! 😀


  3. Beautifully simple, and eminently makeable. The only thing that’s giving me a little bit of trouble are the center segments; keeping track of which one belongs to which digit…=) But I’m sure one would learn that pretty quickly. Good work Laszlo! Good luck with it!


  4. Dear Laszlo,

    after I’ve seen your fantastic Inverse LCD watch design I also wanted to create a cryptic digits LCD watch face of my own: Digits009 and Digits09. I used the same design. I sent in them on 09.07.2013 and 09.12.2013.

    from Hungary


  5. Excellent, Laszlo. Have you rendered a version that uses one color for hours and a second color for minutes? I’d like to see your blue for the hours and Tron Legacy Orange for the minutes. I see TF making this one.


  6. This is probably my favorite design I’ve seen on the blog! I really like how cryptic it looks until you realize it’s not that hard 😛 if this is made to reality, I’ll buy it instantly! 5Y 🙂
    Good job Laszlo!


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