Rock out with the “Diapason” Guitar watch

Design submitted by Delphine from France.

Delphine says: I’m an amateur guitar player and I love music so I’d love to wear a guitar watch.

I see the design made with a metal case with luminous lines representing guitar strings. The strap is made in leather with metal frets (like a guitar fretboard) closed  by a “jaws” clasp.

I tell the time on a screen. The numbers are made with string lines.

I think this design can be worn by anybody. Guitar players and people who like rock music of course, but music is universal 😉

What makes my design stand out :

– a touch screen (strumming the screen strings reveals the time)

– a tuner mode (A 440 Hz). Make it sounds by pushing the vibrato bar.

– 3 indication LEDs : one for low battery, an other for alarm mode and the third for tuner mode activity.

11 thoughts on “Rock out with the “Diapason” Guitar watch

  1. Activating the time by strumming is a really cool idea. Shame the numbers can look like you’ve broken the strings, but it still looks good. Not something I’d go for myself, but 5* for a great idea. Good luck.


  2. This is certainly “outside of the box” thinking and as far as I know unique. I admire the creativity but this one is not for me. The theme is a subjective matter which I’m sure some will love. I think if the body of the watch was more subtle (less literal) it may appeal to more people. (I’m aware that will sound a little ironic to some blog regulars as I have submitted many literal themed designs myself!) I gave you 5* for creativity and support but I would not buy for myself. Best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  3. Hi Delphine, an nice idea which also crossed me the spirit, but for another instrument. I like the drawing made with the means of the edge and which competes with current high technologies, to describe an good idea.
    I do not play personally of the guitar, but I like the “Rock’n’Roll”, therefore this work deserves a 5* and one Yes.


  4. Thanks guys!
    And thanks TF for publishing my design!
    It’s the first time I design something and it’s very cool to see it here.
    I made another very different and less subjective and I hope it will be published too.

    Thanks again 🙂


  5. Hi Delphine,

    I’m not sure what to make of this! But it’s good to see something different, and I’d like to congratulate you on your first submission by giving you a 5Y!


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