Snap Ring II bracelet watch design.

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: I stumbled upon a project that I submitted in September 2010 and the second version also proposed end of September 2010, but never published because certainly it was not formatted for the blog? (I of course adapted the format, with the technical constraints of Blog)

Its originality is due to its innovating matter and the changes of states and colors generated by the pressure of the finger who activate the watch.

Its pure lines can meet the aesthetic expectations of modern men and women.

17 thoughts on “Snap Ring II bracelet watch design.

  1. Looks great Patrick and very easy to understand. A semi transparent one showing a hint of its electronics would be awesome! 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  2. Chic-looking watch Patrick! It would be cool to wear at a UFO convention. 🙂 I hope you are on holiday and not sick. I gave you 5Y.


  3. Something for the ladies, if you don’t mind me saying so…=) It’s a smooth-lookin’ thing Patrick, nice work! Not something I’d buy for myself, but I’d call it makeworthy. Even if that isn’t a word…


    • Yes is Anders, this Watch intended to the girls, but could a boy very Geek carry it without reaching with his virility, it seems to me?
      Didn’t I find the translation of “French makeworthy”?


  4. I like the idea & the look of the display.

    However, since this type of bracelet look too feminine, I wouldn’t buy.

    You could work on a unisex bracelet or do another one for men, & keep this for girl.


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