2013 Blog Designs Progress Report

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your Easter & didn’t OD on too much chocolate!

Today we would like to give you an appropriately sweet update on the blog designs & the wrist candy we have in store for 2013.

To follow on from the last blog report, we have added Maru, OTO, Adjust & X to the growing number of fantastic community designs made into reality.

Congratulations to Sam, Heather, Firdaus & Nico!

Continuing to expand the range of your designs into 2013, lets have a look at what’s in progress…

Quasar, designed by Laszlo, is definitely being made & is well underway.

The exceptional hexagon pattern gives this watch so much variationΒ  – there are several modes & animations from simple to complex which gives the wearer the choice to customise.

There are several more in development…

We are very excited to announce Trylon & Rorschach. Although its early days for these two, progress is promising & we are hoping these will be on wrists later this year.

Trylon, designed by Peter, will have a flip-top lid revealing a touch screen for where you can control & customise a plethora of functions. Without question this watch has more options than anything we have made before all of them useful, fun and simple to use.

Rorschach, designed by Sam, is only a recent addition to the blog, but in fact we have jumped the gun and started development some time before posting.

It will be our first e-paper watch & the design lends itself perfectly to this technology.

Under consideration we have Lloyds GeoMetrik & his more recent design Arcadia.

Nazuk’s Digilog & Peter’s Delamination.

Although we haven’t made any solid development on these, we are waiting for the right moment to present itself.

Regarding technology: We are ultra-serious about using Bluetooth Low Energy and you can be sure to see some smart-link features coming. Its a tough challenge but it is on its way.

E-paper I already mentioned one design, but there are several kinds of e-paper with different properties & we are excited to get some of these going too.

We also have a watch coming very soon incorporating a totally new kind of technology for a watch. We believe it is a first. Keep your eyes out for that.

I hope this gives you some anticipation, there are some exciting designs above. What’s your favourite?.

33 thoughts on “2013 Blog Designs Progress Report

  1. Loving the new additions, but I hope they use regular batteries and not usb rechargeable ones.

    Rorschach 2 looks like an instant classic, especially in black.

    Trylon looks extremely modern.


    • Generally we will use regular batteries if the watch will last about 1 year. For something like the ‘Seven’ watch rechargeable ones are essential because using the high-power mode would drain the battery in one day.


  2. Yay another blog design report! Always a great morale boost for design submitters! Fantastic line up of considered designs! Congrats to every one who’s designs are on the list and good luck that they make it all the way! Thanks a lot for this TF! πŸ˜€


  3. Yes. Yes, and yes. Good choices were made here πŸ™‚

    Will definitely be keeping an eye out for when the Rorschach one is up for sale.


  4. Those are FANTASTIC choices, couldn’t agree more.
    Look’n forward to the Quasar and the Rorschach watches, defiantly gonna buy those when they come out!
    Keep up the great work!


  5. Congratulations, guys! You all deserve it and your success makes me happy πŸ™‚ My personal favourite is Sam’s Rorschach.


  6. Congratulation everyone!

    Sam has it all, enthusiastic, talent, positive attitude, many things I like about you actually, I think you deserve every bit of your efforts.

    Pete is on crazy side, blatantly submit cool and crazy designs, some of them stuck in TF’s net, you have the guts, you deserve the selection.

    Laszlo, my past time favorite and I think you have magic fingers (pun and no). Masses amount of designs submitted here, you deserve in the list.

    King-san et al. Why not? Most of designs in this blog are bizarre and unique. I appreciate them all. I can’t wait for coming watch incorporating a totally new kind of technology for a watch as mentioned.

    My favorite above, Trylon.

    I apologize to some designers or visitors here, sometime I’m harsh in my comments, sometime I’m insane, but I think some guys need to be improved to be in the list too; you see Sam and Pete, follow their spirit. Good luck.

    I thank you guys and TF. Don’t forget the Kisai X is an awesome watch design, and Uzumaki is one unique analog watch in TF product line.

    Ok I have a meeting. TTYL.


    • Great comment Fir! Can’t disagree with any of it! πŸ˜‰ I think there is a little crazy in all of us! πŸ˜€ I will have to buy Rorschach to confirm that status to others! πŸ˜‰
      Congrats to you too and the other previously successful designers for their successful design so far and their future success! πŸ˜€


  7. Hi All,

    Waiting for new Tokyo’s to launch … wanna add new in my collection … πŸ™‚ Best of Luck to Everyone …

    Sam, Pete, Laszlo, Firdaus … you guys are great designers … mentors for new comers to Tokyoflash …

    I hope Tokyoflash watches rule in there coming years … Thanks to Tokyoflash Team for producing such an innovative n’ lovely watches for the world … like dreams come true for most of them …

    Thanks a lot Tokyoflash … God bless you n’ keep you in gud health …




  8. Congratulations TokyoFlash by choosing designs.
    My appreciation and support to the other selected.
    Laszlo(*****), Pete(*****), Sam(*****), thanks for showing the way…
    For all other colleagues, courage, we are the next generation


    • Cheers Jose! Hopefully we will see one of your designs on one of these progress reports soon!! πŸ˜‰ That goes for all the other designers too that make this blog the special place it is! πŸ˜€


    • Correct Pete! We see that very different designs could make it so anything seems possible. I’m crossing my fingers for all fellow designers. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good design and sometimes it’s so super easy. Keep up the work and have fun!


  9. Big congrats to all the designers who are having their designs made and those who’s designs are under consideration. My fav out of the lot would have to be the Trylon (go Pete go) πŸ™‚


  10. Nice to see Laszlo, Pete and Lloyd in the mix. These guys all deserve a watch for sheer perseverance. Gotta say I love the look of the Rorshach…it’s so Gothic! With the right blend of colours a vampire would be drooling blood with anticipation.
    5y5y5y5y5y5y5y gimme! Oh…that’s right, no need to vote here!


    • With mono-color e-paper, they might be able to put red “digits” on black background. With black case & strap, the “delusional” would be nice.


    • “Gothic” is quite an association. I like it. Even more sinister that I had in mind with my little asylum inspiration mwahaha. A vampire edition with Makk’s digits and a red base strap with a black covering strap would look evil.


      • Just read up on the Rorschach test and comic series…you’re evil, and this is the perfect name! πŸ™‚


  11. Hi, ok, so I want to comment again. I have a suggestion to TF to change the category of this post from under uncategorized to Blog Designs Progress Reports, since we have few already.


  12. Awesome choices again Toky! Thanks for this choice and for the report!! We see, the outcome is diversified and many people get pleased. It’s about time that Pete and Laszlo get a design made, looking at all the work they’ve done – wooow. I cross my fingers that everything goes fine there. I also like the other watches mentioned up there and look forward to that totally new technology watch coming up soon. So exciting!

    Thanks for the congrats and thanks for supporting me. Thaaaaanks!


  13. Thanks to my wife for her patience and continuous encouragement.
    Thanks to all my friends for their support, helpful comments and sharing my work.
    Thanks to Tokyoflash for choosing and developing my concept


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