Missing Link LED watch: Minimal & Effortless

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I was trying to find a minimalistic style for an analog watch without losing reading comfort.

The idea is simple. So simple that I’m still not sure, if this hasn’t been thought of before. There is a ring with a gap that tells the hour. The part of the ring, that’s missing, wanders around it and tells the minutes. Done.

Not really done. I wanted his watch to be precisely readable. Adding indicators on the dial would destroy the cool look so I somehow integrated them in the ring. There are LEDs beneath the dial that shine through the translucent ring and missing link and allow readability at night. 12 LEDs are brighter and work as indicators. This way the watch keeps it’s minimalistic look and can be read comfortably.

This concept could come in many different materials. It can be plastic, acetate, metallic and screaming colorful or contained. I like the (fake) silver and gun-metal combination pretty much. It’s sophisticated and the watch can go with any clothes.

Everyone who likes it minimalistic might love this watch.

31 thoughts on “Missing Link LED watch: Minimal & Effortless

  1. 2 put it mnmlly, i lv, lv, lv ths 1! so smpl, yt so amzng! 🙂 5*
    t’s mkng me drl – tkyflsh, mk ths 1 SLIM, & i’l buy at lst 2!!


  2. Very nice simple design, loving the lighting!. Its not the most exciting design of yours Sam but I can imagine it appealing to the wider market. This design could also be adapted to the visually impared as the segment and gap could be felt easily if it was an embosed disc. 5/Y (as ever! lol) Best of luck sir! 😀


      • It’s a great design and I admire it’s simplicity. If it was in a shop I would buy it instantly but put this next to Cypher or CLB or Kanjiflow it wouldnt get a lookin. But this is more makable than those designs so probably stands a better chance. I’m not being negative it’s just not as exciting for me as those earlier concepts 😀


  3. Indeed, that is simple but brilliant. He had to think about this presentation.
    And the design is very clean and light, this is the insurance for intuitive playback.
    There is a glass top? Otherwise it could be an alternative to watches for the blind (which are braile or voice), if the mechanism is well on strong to withstand the touch of a finger.
    Congratulations, and I hope you can materialize your project.

    This is my first post on this nice site I know from the beginning and I apologize in advance for my English is not perfect … :-/


  4. I have just started to browse this website today and your ideas are amazing! I really hope this one comes out sometime and I could buy it. It looks like a nice finish and so minimal that I could wear it with anything. This needs to be made.. I want to buy it so bad! Anyway to keep in contact to see if it is put into production?


  5. How are your designs being overlooked/not made? This one and the Cypher I would buy in a heartbeat.. Both analog and both seem that the battery would last a long time. I would not want a watch that needed recharging every month like a couple of the TF designs that have been made.. Why don’t you patent and just make your own watch company? Lol.. Brilliant ideas though.. WattSekunde has a good point with some Aluminum but finish isn’t as important until they make this watch.. Fingers crossed.. Good Luck..


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