Moonlight “Glimmer” LCD watch

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: “Glimmer” is an LCD concept watch design that utilizes the Moon and its reflection on the ocean to tell the time.

Figuring out the time is easy. The 2 partially visible craters on the Moon’s outer edge indicate the hour and the number of 5-minute intervals that have elapsed just like the hands on a normal analogue watch. Single minutes (1-4), however, are indicated by the 4 craters encircling the middle crater. The relevant crater is highlighted by simply replacing it with a smaller one. Beneath the Moon, the seconds are displayed using horizontal lines to mimic the glimmer of moonlight on ocean waves. An optional animation showing the glimmering moonlight can be set to run every 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The watch has an optional beep to let you know when the animation starts so you don’t miss it. To get a better understanding of how this watch works, please take a look at the images below.

“Glimmer” has a date mode, an alarm and is USB rechargeable via a computer. It also has an EL backlight which makes the display easier to read at night. The watch’s case and strap are made from stainless steel and are available in silver or black. The LCD display is available in different colours and is “always on”.

I feel this design would appeal to anyone who is drawn to the Moon, the ocean, astronomy, art, modern gadgets and creativity.

30 thoughts on “Moonlight “Glimmer” LCD watch

  1. Glimmer is a very fun and creative design. It’s easy to read and may even be quite intuitive if your familiar with Lloyd’s previous designs. I especially like the random glimmering of the water…unique and cute.

    5 and yes…it’s a keeper. Good luck!


  2. very clever. i love the silver and purple, and especially the moonlight animation. 🙂 i like the circles rather than hexagons – the hexagons take away from the moon crater feel. i would prefer a less boxy case, maybe shaped more like the Tokyoflash R75 with the curves along both sides, but overall, this is an appealing display – easy to read – indicators are hdden in plain sight. 5*


  3. Verwy pretty design Lloyd, probably my new favorite of yours. I love the look and the images are really great (especially for hand made photoshoppy images, the animation is very crisp also. 5*+/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


  4. ”Glimmer” – very good creative design. Interesting idea to use moon reflection to tell the time. I like circles as a craters and water movement- seconds- Great! Color decision display nice looking, I like gray and purple.
    5 and YES! Best wishes! 😉


  5. Hello Llyod.

    Such a classy design. Sorry I haven’t really have time to fully though of a review but I like the idea of this display by 1st sight. Its nothing like something in my imagination, so I treat this as entirely new for me, which is a good thing. I can suggest some enhancement, but its your design, so goodluck with it.

    The rest, later. 5*


  6. I love the overall look. ( like all of your watches ) My fav are the silver & the “moon texture” case/band. I like the idea to separate the second from the hour-minute. I like the animation idea. I don’t like the hexagonal version.


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