Day & Night watch "Dual Time" concept.

Design submitted by Nico from Indonesia.

Nico says: I like Tokyoflash watches ever since I read gizmag articles about Tokyoflash. In particular, I like the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch, how the twelve large blocks on the outer ring tells the time.

I then think how else I can tell time with a similar concept but adding additional information and not make it more complex. That is how I come up with a pie chart style that divides the watch into two parts: dark and bright/day and night.

Like the rogue watch that is dual time, the “Day & Night Watch” is also dual time.

One thing for sure, they don’t have to be geek 😀

Minimalist people and those looking for something unusual (but aren’t all who buy from Tokyoflash looking for something unusual? 😉

So I believe, the watch design must be minimalist (I don’t know how to draw 3D…even 2D I know only how to use “paint”…so the drawings are pretty standard.

It is simple, easy to understand and shows a lot of information (other than date and time, there’s am/pm and also another time zone)

7 thoughts on “Day & Night watch "Dual Time" concept.

  1. If it can be done with LCD or epaper it could be potentially very pretty. The tricky bit I guess is the smaller dule time area in the centre (more dense area of the display) Support worthy design! 5/Y Welcome to the blog Nico! 😀


    • Thanks Pete.

      I’m happy that my first submission get into the blog. And it’s very nice to have support from you.

      I agree, it should be LCD or better e-paper 🙂


  2. I like the look & the dash for the 1 & 5 minutes increment. ( I prefer them over the dot version ) It would be good as an LCD/e-paper.

    For the software, I also use paint to finish the pictures. ( I also use SketchUp, to do a basic 3D model. It’s a free software & easy to understand. ) For the result, you can search “Matt from Canada”.


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