Relief LED watch has architectural feel.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I was playing around with the idea of having a 3D sort of feel to the display, when I noticed that if I use different heights for LEDs, I could make a pretty readable digit-inside-digit display, and the watch would still have a really cool look when LEDs are off.  I call this design Relief.

The outer square is broken up into 12 segments, and tell the hours by analog placement.  The inner shapes make up two digits – the taller, outer ones for the tens digit, and the shorter, inner ones for the ones digit.

This design is for those who appreciate an architectural feel to a watch.

It stands out because it is a hybrid of analog and digital with a 3D twist.

14 thoughts on “Relief LED watch has architectural feel.

  1. Love the concept, Heather! This is a very unique idea that is easy to read the time on. My most favorite part about it is that the time is 3D.


  2. Really love it, as an architect and a watch addict. . Of you could place the functionbuttons in the same wat at the front in stead of the dode i would buy it in a heartbeat


  3. ^ dode is architect language for side. I can say cause I studied it too heheh 😉

    Now the serious matter. I reeeally like this concept! It has so much (analog hours, digital an overlying minutes, 3D blocks) but is kept tidy and logical. Very nice that you show these animations. That is how I would look at the watch every now and every then enjoying the relief. 5*/WANNA/Good luck!


  4. I have something like this seriously, but it would not happen in sooner time, so I really enjoy this design. Very good job Heather-chin Sama @@


  5. Hi Heather. Would it be possible to get in touch? I’ve used your design concept for something (a personal non-profit project) and I haven’t asked your permission. Can I please contact you about it? Thank you.


  6. It’s Architecturally crazy and I LIKE IT! I would definitely buy this! I work in an Architectural Office so this is near and dear to my heart. TF! Make it Possible PLEASE!?????????????


  7. Hello,

    I really appreciate this concept in 3d out of the ordinary (like most concepts of this blog Tokyo Flash :-)) and really like the side that gives stucturel reading.
    Very easy to read once more the principle understood.
    You have inquired about the possibility of making such a display of 6 or 7 levels? LEDs of different heights or placed on a multi-level dial?
    I hope you will be able to produce this concept, and all the variations that you can imagine this 3d display.


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