Hex Shaped "Turtle Shell" LCD watch

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: Easy to read, always on, touchscreen LCD watch concept.

Five segments on the left top indicate hours, each segment shows 2 hours. The sixth segment indicate 1 hour, a combination of these shows the current hour.

Five segments in the bottom left indicate 10 minute groups, each segment equals 10 minutes. The sixth segment on the bottom right indicate 5 minutes. The four segments on the middle of the screen indicate single minutes.

6 thoughts on “Hex Shaped "Turtle Shell" LCD watch

  1. I like the overall and the time telling is nice and simple. I would like a dividing line between the various groups of blocks tho for clarity, this would also give the display a more technical look and wont look empty at times when few blocks are displayed. That aside 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


  2. A little geometric artwork for my wrist 😀 I must say, I like other Laszlo concepts more and I’m still having some on my wishlist. What I like here is the pig simple shapes. The time reading is ok. What I’m not so convinced in is the fact the display loses its attraction too quick. It’s only about where the gaps are next when you look at it. I really like the geometry. Nice work here. Good luck Laszlo.


  3. I love the overall look, but both extremity of the hexagon ( 3 & 9 o’clock ) should be round-up a bit to prevent injury. ( kinda like the Kisai Night Vision ) I like the touchscreen. I like that even with a lot of blocks, you’ve manage to make the reading effortless. 5* and I would buy !


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