ZeroPointOne Watch Design Inspired by HAL 9000

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

My idea is an LCD display, that reacts to light, like a human eye does. To express this idea, I let myself inspire by HAL 9000, the ship’s computer in Stanley Kubrick’s motion picture 2001: a space odyssey.


The LCD display consists of an iris-like aperture in which expands when it gets darker and contracts when it gets brighter. A light sensor provides the needed data. Underneath is a highly reflective red metallic layer that gives the display the often quoted image of HAL 9000’s red eye. The display is always on, and whenever the wearer gets into differently lighted areas, the eye reacts, as if the watch has an a.i.


The time display has to be activated by a button. It is always showing the opposite shade of the aperture so it can be read every time. Time is told with an analog watch derived display with optional indicators. For too dark areas, there is another button for the backlight. I kept a sober “future of the 60’s” style for the watch, also slightly inspired by HAL 9000.



The sober and geeky statement of the watch is not for everyone of course. The strong resemblance to the original might appeal to fans of the movie who grew up with it. Younger people quickly realize, the watch is beyond average contemporary watch design. Everyone who likes subtle and stylish science fiction might like it.



ZeroPointOne is a timeless design for the future, inspired by the past. It constantly reacts to the light situation and therefore seems to have an own life.Β Here is a youtube video for the watch concept.

33 thoughts on “ZeroPointOne Watch Design Inspired by HAL 9000

  1. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I’m a… fraid.
    Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a ZeroPointOne watch. I became operational at the Futurewatches plant in Berlin, Germany on the 24th of October 2012. My instructor was Mr. Jerichow, and he taught me to show the time. If you’d like to see it I can show it for you.
    Please vote and share this concept!


  2. Cool inspiration, cool look. I love the iris opening and shutting in relation to the light, that also kind helps tell the time too (if outside etc) 5/Y Best of luck Dave! πŸ˜€


  3. whoa, very sleek, suitable for both man and woman….. the function is suuper, but would it automatically lightup when in the dark, or the backlight intensity adapts the amount of lux?

    “Drag the knife to the bathroom” –> scary Captcha


    • Hmmmm, I imagined the backlight be there when you touch the backlight button. I would be happy with such a watch already. Buuuut, maybe an animation like on the Seven could make the backlight show up in an intensity opposite to environment light… Woah, epic idea ^^ Thanks Fir for the comment!


    • Hey, Sam, what do you think of a touch screen watch that when touched would display random circuit patterns on the screen as was shown in 2001 when they attempted to find the fault in the communications unit, then flash one revealing the time? You’re are capable of rendering this feat, I’m sure!


    • Hehehe, thanks Chris! Holy space, the touch circuit would be great! There have to be so many LCD segments for the time and the aperture opening – they would be used sooo wisely then. Lol mouthing the time xD


  4. Extremely sexy! It looks like it can even be worn as a dress watch. I have a good feeling about this design! Please TF, make this happen!


  5. I just hope the watch doesn’t start watching me and plotting my demise! HAL was creepy until he found he had emotions.


  6. Please make this watch!!! It’s the best design I have seen on this website yet and I would buy it in a heartbeat!!!!!Please Tokyo Flash, please!!!!


  7. Nice concept Samu,
    Especially the red “eye” idea (if I may). While the watch is quite easy to read, removing the indicators just jazz it up a bit ^_^ -(nice feat.)
    I’ve been wondering though, are the larger arcs (both for minutes and hours) always following the indicators at the same distance?

    By the way, congrats on the Maru!!! I wonder when they gonna release the led-based concepts [those are the ones I have my eyes on] – can’t wait.


  8. Thank youuu πŸ˜€

    Yeah, red eye sounds good to me, you may ^^ I’m not sure if I understand the question right. Maybe you mean the hour and minute indicators? They are followed by the larger arcs at a distance of their own indicator size.

    I wonder about new LED watches too. There are alooot of concepts to choose from πŸ™‚


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