11°11’11” Watch Design Points to the Time

Design submitted by Romain from France.

Romain says: “I had the idea of an arrow-shaped watch design, with also digits like arrows. In short, an arrow-watch! I also wanted that, at a specific moment of the day, there to be three arrows instead of the digits. For this moment, I chose 11 hours, 11 minutes, 11 seconds.



The 11°11’11” watch can be made in plastic or other flexible material, with large edges on the side of the bracelet. There are two possibilities for the numbers: normal (first position) or symmetric (second position). The two numbers are joined back to back, we must imagine a line between them. The setting buttons are behind the face.


I think the 11°11’11” watch will appeal to all those who want a watch with an original shape and flashy colors. Indeed, this watch is more beautiful with bright colors, not dark or grey shades.


This design is original because it is the first time that a watch has a form of arrow, like if it does a full turn of the wrist.”

9 thoughts on “11°11’11” Watch Design Points to the Time

  1. Very interesting concept and very unique too. I like the arrow shaped numbers they are cool. I think the arrow shape of the watch itself needs to be more subtle but I realise this is just a concept. If it was more refined it would look quite cool I think. Support worth idea! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  2. Hi, Romain! I support your radical number designs except for the ‘9’, as it uses an arbitrary angle that is out of harmony with the other numbers that use 45 degrees, vertical and horizontal lines. Maybe as an even more radical design you can design the band to separate at the face! That way you could have your arrow head connect to ‘feathered’/finned tail like this =>>=


    • Yes Xian, I know that the 9 doesn’t use 45 degrees, as well as the 4 . But it was difficult to do for the 4, and I thought it was better like that for the 9.
      Your idea of ​​the band that separates at the face is interesting, the watch would be pretty cool.


  3. Love the number representation, and the reflective idea. The watch overall needs a tune-up, as I could imagine wearing such a watch with an arrow head to be quite uncomfortable. i might be wrong, though. I’m sure with TF’s fantastic minds – gee they’ve put out some real gems of watches in recent times! – it’d be on my wrist in no time.



  4. It’s an interesting idea. But : 1 ) I’m not sure about the shape, because I fear to cut/poke myself. It would be better as an horizontal oval. ( even if it would need to be H:M:S not m:H:s ) 2 ) the arrow-style digits are nice, but I don’t like that they are connected in the middle. 3 ) I love the mirrored version of the digit for the single H:M:S. 4 ) I agree with you about the idea of the bright/flashy color, which is rare. ( the color choice, not the agreement part ) 5 ) I like the idea of not seeing the setting buttons.

    The bottom line is that I wouldn’t buy it as it is, but there is potential.


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