Sliced Watch Design Lets You Decide How To Read Time

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: “This idea came while I was working on another design (the AD 1224). It’s a combination of an analog hour display with digitally displayed minutes and second (or month and day ).I’ve put the icons over and under them to encapsulate all the info, except the hour, in a circle in the middle.


I’ve stuck with a “sliced pie” shape to get a round display. For the hour, there are some segments of the analog display that light up. It’s a standard one, which start at 1 o’clock and go clockwise. For the minute/second and month/day, I’ve used 4 digits, just like a conventional digital watch, placed in the middle.


Over the minute and second, there are 3 icons : A sun between 2 arrows. One arrow goes up and the other goes down. They are used to indicate am/pm. ( sun go up = am : sun go down = pm ). The sun is always on + 1 arrow. Under the minute and second, there is 2 icons : A circle with three waves, on the left, to show that the alarm is on and a capital d, on the right, that light up when you select to show the date.


This model has 4 buttons, 2 on each side. For the commands order, you can check the diagram picture. The user can choose between 4 displays modes and between many colors and positive or negative display. This one will appeal to people who are looking for a distinctive analog watch. The user can choose between several choices of display, depending on his taste or cloth.”


6 thoughts on “Sliced Watch Design Lets You Decide How To Read Time

  1. Nice combination of digital and analogue to form a slightly quirky time telling method that is unusual but easily understood. I like the green and red illuminated ones with the progressive hand detail! Best of luck Matt (5/Y)


  2. Ty TF to publish it.

    I forgot to ask these things :

    What colors you, as customers, would like ?

    What do you think about the 3 icons ? ( mainly the am/pm )


  3. Combining analog with digital is a cool idea. Showing MM:SS is pretty cool. The numbers could be a little less traditional, more sci-fish for me 😉 The icons alone are nice, especially the am/pm icon. But filling display space with them doesn’t look so good. They disturb the actual simplicity of the display. Of course they have a useful function, so letting them away wouldn’t be the solution… Hm, maybe on a separate little display or in the display border… Anyway Matt, good luck and stay brainy hehehe.


    • Ty for your input. Since then, I’ve discovered 3 new sets of digits. ( 2 more sci-fish & 1 close to the traditional, but rare for watch display ). I’ll publish them, on fb, later this week. 1 nice thing is I can use them on some of my others design ( 10-15 ). Some of them where too normal, mass-market, for me to make/send to tf earlier. Also, I’ve found 2 ways to reorganize the am/pm/alarm/date icons.

      BTW : At the beginning, the 12 lines where going to the border of the somewhat rectangular box, but it didn’t look good so I made a circle. Also, there was no icons. The space was simply divided in 4, & then 3, but I didn’t like it so I’ve added icons. Then, I choose to remove the division between the 2 under.


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