NEXD : The Next-gen Android watch.

Design submitted by Firdaus (Malaysia) & Sam (Germany)

Sam & Firdaus say: NEXD is the next step in the world of wrist worn gadgets. It’s a futuristic and unique Android powered smart phone companion device that packed with functionality and style.

Specially and carefully designed, the device is made to show any style of time telling concepts in (code named) Zone environment- perfect for those who love diversion.

The design element is pretty unique and clever unlike any mainstream watches you ever worn.

For tech lovers who like to be unique, NEXD is your fashion statement!

Technology is improving rapidly, so is design. NEXD brings the future proof design for today viewing. And the wish for the future watch is…. the Next Generation Device…. (sfx!!!)

20 thoughts on “NEXD : The Next-gen Android watch.

  1. WOW. That is amazing! I absolutely love everything about this design.The android features sound great but I hope that you guys are able to create this design even without it. Just as a piece of jewellery without the watch stuff I want it, but adding a screen to have multiple time-styles? Dayyummm. My favourite from these pics is the white in no 2.

    *throws money at screen*

    5/5 Yes.


  2. Absolutely beautiful. I’ve always loved the concept of a smart watch fully integrated with my phone. Pebble is the closest so far but this would blow them out of the water for the design of the watch itself. Very beautiful and it illustrates something that crossed my mind recently in that Tokyoflash should have an Android app that displays their watch faces a as a widget on Android phones. It could come as part of this watch and they could sell it as an app for Android separately or just keep it exclusive to this watch for buyers. I’d pre-order this in a heartbeat. Great work as always Firdaus and Sam!


  3. TFJ if you make this watch your sales will have a guarantee skyrocket….Don’t let this design slip through your hands.


  4. Great to see the collaboration. The shape of the watch is very nice, I like the idea and the implementation. The main advantage I see to this vs. existing smartwatch shapes is that you have room for a larger battery without making the watch too thick. The curved screen is also very appealing. And, of course, the option to use many Tokyoflash displays is a good idea that keeps returning in designs and will hopefully be implemented once TFT is in use. (Side note: I remember when you first submitted the Fusion design, Sam.)

    I suggest lowering the cost by removing the camera (your smartphone’s camera will be better and easier to position) and putting the battery indicator on the TFT display. That might also make the watch a little more sleek. If you really want to put something where the battery indicator is, then the killer feature for me would be a solar panel, but I’d also be happy with nothing there.

    The swivel point is an interesting idea. I’m not sure, but I think I’d want it to be ratcheting, so it would lock into place and wouldn’t push into or pinch my wrist if I gently bumped the watch against something. No unintentional swiveling, in other words. I don’t have any real-world experience with this type of swivel, though, and I’m not sure how it would feel on the wrist.

    Anyway, these are minor points to consider down the road. The overall idea is great and it’s certainly a different approach to smartwatch design that I think would be quite popular among Tokyoflash fans. Good work, guys!


  5. Great collab guys! Customization is amazing and shape and styling are spot on. I’m sure smart watches will soon be hitting the main stream, be it as a standalone device or linking up with a conventional phone. Clearly the small screen will not be ideal for a full qwerty keyboard interface but if it had voice activation/input this problem could be easy to overcome. Looking forward to the possibility of TokyoFlash releasing a smart watch and I hope its this one 🙂


  6. Nice collab guys! Awesome+Awesome=Awesome squared. You guys got smart watch fever, beginning to think you guys know something I don’t! lol. If some of these features proved to difficult or expensive a paired down version with the downloadable display features would be just fine. Love the idea of choosing the watch face, would mean more blog designs could be realised if just digitally. 5/Y best of luck chaps! 😀


  7. Thank you Toky for posting this concept and wow thank you folks for your great comments! We hope the concept is bold enough to compete with existing watches of the same category but actually this seems to be a new category…

    Jascry, an android app for TF designs would just rock! I’d equip my Samsung immediately (once I have one) hehe.

    Logan, swiveling is imagined to occur by a spring. The both watch parts would always be aligned in an angle of 180° or more towards each other to avoid pinching. But I see the possible danger and precautions would have to be taken.

    I like the idea of a solar panel. But I once read here in the blog, that it would not provide enough energy to be really productive. That was about an LED watch I think. This is definitely worth researching though. The USB recharge comes next in terms of easy recharge.

    Nice that you remember my first entry, the Fusion. Alot has happened since then and it’s nice to see it again in a new cloak 🙂


  8. Thanks Tokyoflash to consder NEXD in this blog. I hope everyone can take this idea positively. Like SamA+ said, this is a different category for future TF product line. We welcome other designers to come up with own design of TFT watch if interested. I’ll love to see diversions.

    As designer, I’d say this design is both uniquely clever and stylish. As a TF customer, I’d say, YES make it fast lol.


    Logan, YES, your input is very good as intentionaly for this design. SamA+ and I was having a good time discussing about the idea, but any input is appreciately welcomed!

    Note about a watch with changable faces, its exist out there, so, the strong point for NEXD is unique design itself. My point here, the idea is open and not limited to Sam & I since its not a new idea.

    Well, I hope to see some revolution in this blog aside from existing cool ideas.



  9. I thought the watch was up for sale, can you send me a e-mail to let me know when the watch is out for sale? I really LOVE to have that watch A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!


  10. “Sir, here is a blank check with my name on it, write down any sum of money and I will pay it.”

    I believe that quote from Family Guy sums up what i wanted to say.


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