Full Binary LCD watch includes binary reading hints

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: The screen is divided into three sections, each containing two columns of signs. The first section displays hours, the second minutes, and the final section tells the seconds. The first column in each section represents the first digit (10’s place) and the second column displays the second digit (or 1’s place). Each column is composed of 2-4 signs, each representing a power of two.

4 thoughts on “Full Binary LCD watch includes binary reading hints

  1. I like the look of the watch itself, nice simple case and strap, clean and elegent. Sadly im just not into binary so its not really for me, and I think that the majority of the time the dsiplay will look quite empty. Im sure the more geeky amoungst us will eat this up! Best of luck anyway sir! 😀


  2. Even though binary hurts my brain to read I like them so 5/Y to you sir 🙂 Heres hoping my own binary submission makes it on the blog at some stage.


  3. I like the idea but it seem complex, when you see the full watch. I hate binary, but using the seconds & having it always on ( I think it is ) would help. I wouldn’t buy because I don’t like the time-telling method.


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