An LED Watch Design That Brings A Performance To Your Wrist

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: “I wanted to create a ‘light performance’ with this wrist watch design. A set of focused light beams is shot onto the non glossy, dark surface to create an art performance that shows the time in hh/mm sequence. The wrist watch is controlled by sliding and gesturing the touch sensitive surface (see the animation in the video below).

Even though this watch design is most suited to wearing at night time events, such as when clubbing, this watch design is also wearable during the daytime. By using most of the beams and controlling the light intensity, the light performance should also be visible in bright environments (the rule of shooting the light onto the non glossy dark surface must be applied).

Utilizing focused LED light, this unique watch design can also have an energy saving mode so that it consumes the minimum energy for the spectacular effect, like other TF watches. Raitosho watch design: it brings the light performance on your wrist.”

The time is displayed digitally on this LED watch design – hour hour / minute minute, for example: 20:47 would show 2 ~ 0 / 4 ~ 7.


19 thoughts on “An LED Watch Design That Brings A Performance To Your Wrist

  1. This watch shows time with beams of light, nothing to do with the example of Pete, anyway, a watch is a watch.
    I love her look and I like the idea of ​​”YES”!


    • Thank you Patrick, long time no see you… I always appreciate love, comment and rating even critic from artist and the masses to improve my design. Your comment is worthy. Firdaus likes this.


  2. Great!

    Okay, more details now. The number creation is super cool. The watch Pete showed works with a continuous laser beam, so I think, no problems here. The only thing I dont like are the squares in squares. The watch looks pretty modern, but these squares are too 80’s for me. Maybe only one square each time and more adaptive to the case corners? Anyway, that’s pretty picky 🙂 It’s a hot design!


    • The squares in squares? yes Samukun, it was also a problem to me. I had no idea how to make this watch design better than this, I tried other variation of arrangement but they looked even uglier…. And I agree about the retro look, yeah it can be modern but retro look at the same time. Mine is a focused LED beam shot onto the floor, not single reflected beam under the lens. There is no lens here except those use inside the turrets to focus the light. That guy rate 1* x ?? but I see the rating increase after your comment. Firdaus likes this.


  3. I would totally rock this in place of some glow sticks at a rave, lol!

    Fun, Playful, and Tokyoflash Japan all the way! cool concept, Firdaus.


    • I also welcome any constructive comment from you Korikun, btw always thanks. Firdaus likes this.


  4. That is a watch worth making i would buy it and pay a lot of money touch screen and looks amazing is a great combination in a watch


  5. Thank you for 6 comments here, 4,400 views on youtube (comment and vote disabled) and some comments on external blog. Also thank for admin of external websites who featured this design. That the summary.


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